A1 Pet Emporium OKC – Saturday, July 28, 2018 – Contact (405) 749-1738 to make an appointment

How long until I can get to your pet? My turnaround time is usually within 48 hours. 

Pet communication came to me like a bolt of lightening out of the sky. Chinese Astrology is something that found me, but I have studied it for years and have learned by reading thousands of charts. I’m intuitive and I’ve always known things with no explainable reason why I know them.  I use my intuitive insights to empower my clients, both people and pets, to reach their highest potential.

I specialize in in-depth telepathic communication for animals, by phone or in person—behavior problems, health issues, household harmony issues or spiritual concerns. Through compassionate, clear communication I will hopefully assist you and your pet so that your relationship and understanding of each other will deepen.  Your pet understands you much better than you ever dreamed possible! 

Animals do the same thing for their people.  Animals validate what is in your heart!  No wonder I love them so much.

Astrology helps me to mentor and coach my clients to navigate both the good and the challenging times. If it is in your heart, it is in your chart.

I hold a BS in Education and have studied with many Chinese masters, dowsers, medical intuitives, animal communicators and spiritual teachers. All of these pursuits have helped me become better at what I do.

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