A Grieving Parrot


At an event recently, a woman came up to me for a session carrying a bird wrapped in a towel.  It was cold outside so I could understand why she had him wrapped up.  When she sat down she removed the towel and introduced me to Buzz.  Buzz had no feathers on his torso and back.  He had feathers on his beautiful face, tail and wings.  When I tuned into this little guy I knew something wasn’t right and it felt like depression.   I asked his Mom what had changed recently.  She shared with me that her daughter passed away last January.  I asked her when Buzz started plucking out his feathers and she told me it was about that time.

Buzz is surrogating for his Mom.  He is mirroring her pain and trying to take it away by plucking out his own feathers.  Our animals will do anything for us to remove our pain or illness.  I made suggestions to her of things she could say to Buzz.  I then communicated to Buzz that he needed to get healthy for his Mommy.  This would help her with her grief much more than plucking out his feathers.  I telepathically told him that I knew he didn’t want to cause his Mom more grief.  I told Buzz how much I loved him and how gorgeous he was even without his feathers.

His Mom also shared with me that when Buzz was about 8 years old he laid his first egg.  So, Buzz is a she!

Buzz also told me that he loved his Mom’s singing.  She laughed and said she wasn’t a very good singer.  Buzz jumped up on his Mom’s finger and turned around and faced me.  He whistled the loudest “wolf” whistle I have heard in a long time.  I thanked him and told him that I couldn’t remember the last time anyone whistled at me.  What a compliment!  His Mom shared that he had not whistled like that since he started plucking his feathers out.  Then his Mom started singing “You Are My Sunshine”.  Buzz started dancing and it was the greatest gift ever…not just for me but for everyone watching.  He’s so intuitive that I’ll bet he even knows I’m writing a blog about him today.  Surely he is going to grow those feathers back.  I can’t wait to hear the good news.