A Horse Named Tess

The phone rang as I was getting ready to communicate with Tess. When I finished the call Tess impatiently told me that she had been waiting to talk to me! In other words…get off the phone!

Tess is a rescued horse and her owner wanted to know more about her. Tess alluded that she has not always been treated well but she did not want to tell her mother about it.

Now she wants to ‘run like the wind’. She would like to compete. She sets the pace for the other horses. Tess also loves sweets.
When I asked Tess if there was anything she wanted to tell her owner she said, “Believe in me. I have greatness inside.” I don’t doubt that for a moment. Go Tess!

Recently I heard from Tess’s owner who wrote, “Tess has begun to show more of her personality since you all spoke. Two weeks ago I went out to ride. I asked my girls, who wanted to go, and nobody spoke up. so I grabbed LG, and we left.  When I was halfway down the next road, I turned to see Tess running after us. She had jumped the fence, and ran to be with us.  It was the sweetest thing.”