Are we crazy?

Ella at inurnment service 11.20.12 (1)

I received the following email this week.

I met you when you were in Olathe, Ks in April to do your pet communication at the Brookside Barkery and Bath.  You may not remember, but my husband and I brought our dog Maddie (odd looking Scottie/Cairn mix) to be read.  You had us hooked when you said “who is the white one Maddie is thinking about?”  You were talking about Maddie’s fur sibling, Rudy, the Westie. 

Anyway, I always read your emails, but the one you sent a few days ago in particular had significant meaning for us.  Having lived in the metropolitan KC area all of our lives and in this particular home for 30 years, it would be a BIG THING for us to move away from home and dear friends.  To try and fulfill a dream, we have been “looking” for a home in Colorado for a few years now, deep down not knowing if we would have the guts to really move.  But, during a trip to out there in November, we  found a house that we loved in Estes Park.  We were set to really do it (but afraid and were looking for an excuse to stay here).   Lo and behold, we asked for a radon test and it came back pretty high, kind of scared us.  Well, we backed out of the deal; now having our ideal excuse.  I don’t believe it was the right time………..

There are two tales here and I will try to make them brief (haha).   They both stem from this attempted move to Colorado. 

Tale #1.  In November, when we were planning on going through with this moving thing; I knew there were things I had to take care of first… get my dear mom’s ashes (passed on four years ago), buried with my dad who passed on 50 years ago in December.  We did that on a beautiful day in November with my husband, daughter, best friend and her dad present.  We were surprised to have another special guest while we were there and I do believe this guest was sent by my mom to tell us how pleased she was at finally being put to rest.  I am a true believer in spirit presence and when you look at the picture attachment, do you see what I mean?  That is my daughter and and the  little doe is so named because she “assists” in many burials there at Elmwood Cemetery.  It was a very sunny day, but there were only a few rays that shone down right to the little deer.  A glad thing to say the least, because we all felt spirits around us.  She literally followed us from the chapel to the burial site and stayed there the whole time.  My lifelong friend, Theresa had just the day before, shared a dream she had that night with us all there at the cemetery, with smiling spirits all around.  She said that the actual day was so much like in her dream, but we didn’t know we would be surprised like that!  I know this probably is no surprise to you; but I did need to share it with you anyway because I knew you would understand.

Tale #2.  After the burial, Thanksgiving, Christmas in Colorado with our daughter (yes, she lives there)…….all of these things are good memories now.  This home is still in our minds day after day, as it is a dream we didn’t know if we could pull off or not; but doesn’t seem to leave us alone!  So, out of the blue, the broker in Colorado emailed us to let us know that there is a chance we could still get this home before it’s gone to buyers who have a contingency on it. Other offers being accepted.  She asks “are you still interested in the property?  The radon problem has been fully taken care of and it is safe.” 

When I got your email and read it, there was a message there that I took to heart and forwarded it to my husband.  It was the paragraph which reads….

It is time to pay close attention to what we are doing that is not in integrity. This week Anne Ortelee writes, “The heavens are asking us to make changes in our lives. No drama and craziness. Just do it. Just move forward. Understand that your inhibitions, anxieties and fears are all part of the package. As we move forward ~ and right now the Heavens are PUSHING US to move forward and change ~ we are going to run right into our fears, anxieties and dark spots in our soul. Accept them Gracefully. Don’t let them defeat you forever but do let them guide you toward what you SAY you want even if you aren’t so sure now that the time has arrived that you actually LIVE IN THE MOMENT. NO past. NO future. Do the task before you. MOVE on!”

So, I went back to read this again today and then came across the part where you said …..

Friday, January 11 at 1:43 CST is the New Moon in Capricorn. This is the most potent New Moon of the year for new beginnings in reaching goals that are important to you. CAPRICORN, the Goat, rules the ability to reach goals through awareness of current opportunities. This is an especially auspicious time for wishing to reach goals that are important to you – professional or personal; improve your reputation or public image; cultivate more maturity; create successes; accepting responsibility in a way that increases personal power. Good luck!

This just blew my mind, because for some reason, having tossed this decision around for a few days and knew that we would have to “just do it” or “NOT just do it”……..I woke up out of a sound sleep around 3:30 this morning and said to myself “I want to do this!”  Now, noting that this is the 11th…..and the number 11 is a very significant number in my life; many things revolve around this number.  Then, my husband is a Capricorn, being born on the cusp of December 22. 

I truly believe there are spirits around us each and every day and my mom and dad are watching out and giving us these signs.  AM I CRAZY????    🙂

Let’s put it like this…If you are crazy, then I am crazy and there are many of us living in this wonderful crazy world!!


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