Astrological Coaching

What I always notice is that when I am having problems with a friend or spouse or others the only feedback I get is that I am unknowingly being a vibrational match for that kind of behavior. This is really a wake up call for me that its time to vibe switch in order to attract more kind and loving behavior from “them.”

If I can let go of my ego long enough to try to ‘be’ the behavior that I want that person to show to me everything changes. It sounds easier than it actually is for me. If I can let go of judgement (and this is really a challenge sometimes) then the whole world shifts for me.

I often get requests from clients to read the charts of their significant other in order to figure out how to make things better between them but that the answer never lies in the other person but almost always in my client. What I can do with this type of request is give insight into the type of person they are dealing with and in what kind of ‘luck cycle’ the significant other is.

It seems as though when I’m having a consultation with a client about their chart, the universe opens up and really helps me to help my client. I have such great appreciation for this. I call it Astrological Coaching and it is one of my services.