Gracie was my First

Several years ago I was doing a space clearing for some friends who were putting their house on the market.   Gracie and her brother met me at the door as most animals do when I arrive.  When I was finished with the clearing Gracie’s Dad asked me if I could tune into his dogs.  I told him that I didn’t know, but I would try.  Loud and clear came, “It’s not fair that he treats my brother better than me just because he has three legs!”  When I shared this with him he was very moved and tearful.  He said that it was true and he had no idea that his dogs realized this.  I then heard the brother say that he didn’t like being treated differently either.

It was after this appointment that I decided to see if I could really hear the animals and took my first animal communication class.  Sure enough, I could.  Animals came in  crystal clear.  When I finished that workshop I came home and wrote a newsletter saying that I would do free animal communication for the first 10 people that got back to me.  I wanted feedback to see if I was making it all up.  Since that time I have not looked back.

Recently I had the opportunity to communicate with Gracie again.  She remembered me.  She told me that chicken was her favorite food followed by beef.  She loves to walk and to search for hidden treasure.  Her Dad contacted me because he was worried about her hips and legs.  When I asked Gracie if they hurt she told me that at times they were a bit numb but not painful.  She said she knows she is getting older but she is still healthy and vital.  Love makes her feel this way.  She said that she wished that her parents could get her easy going personality through osmosis because they were both worriers and fretters and they pass it back and forth to each other.  (Sometimes animals are real tattle tales!)

Gracie’s job is to help her Dad to be grounded.  She told me she was his muse and helped him with his work.  As I was talking with Gracie two things popped into my thoughts…chiropractic care and organic unrefined coconut oil.  I am not a vet, but if I ‘hear’ something like this I will always share it.  Her Dad validated much of what she told me.  It was a lovely session.  The last thing she asked me to do was to wave my magic wand for her parents.  Cute, huh?  I hope Gracie knows how much she has helped me along my path.

Love me! Just love me!

I’m Abbott and I was rescued by a family who is quite affluent.  Lucky me.  See the rug I’m standing on?  I told Pam that I like to be the center of attention and I love hugs from my Mommy.  Riding in the car is great.  I would love to be a house dog, but I sleep with my pack in our very fancy garage and I am very grateful.  Maybe one day I can sleep in my parent’s bed!   I have the best of everything now.  Sometimes I’m so needy that people and my pack get a little short tempered with me, but hey, I still worm my way back into their heart.

Abbott’s new Mom sent me this email about him.

Abbot  is such an attention hound.  He is front and center, but not pushy.  He’s never too lazy to get up and come and see whoever.  We have to be careful when we open the car door, or he will climb right in.  He loves going for rides on the golf carts.  Also, quick to come in the house, when the door opens.  He would like to be a house dog.  He probably would be in our bed, sleeping and/or watching TV.  We do make sure he gets special attention from us, because he is low dog on the totem pole.  I started squatting down and hugging him under my arm.  At first, he wasn’t real comfortable with it, but now he snuggles in.  I will be sure to do it more often.  He is a very happy dog.  When he sees us, he not only wags his tail, he wags his whole body.  He’s so sweet.

Sissy and Richie (rags to Richie)

This is Sissy on the right with her brother, Richie, peeking out on the left.  I communicated with both of these pups and I shall write about Sissy first since she was last the day I did the communication.  She knew she was last and told me so.  The communications were given as a gift.

“My home is beautiful.  My mommy loves color.  She hasn’t always loved color, but she does now.  I’m totally comfortable here.  I love to hunt and chase things.  Animals and people.  I just love to play.  I didn’t get to play until I was adopted.  I know how much my mommy loves me.  She radiates how much all the time.  Please tell her that I know.  I am the family watchdog.  I’m very protective and I can be quite noisy if needed.  I’m here for my Momma.  Her heart needed my special love and attention.  I love it when Momma sings to me.  I like to sleep most in laps.  Recently I also like to sleep in a certain chair if I am allowed.  I teach Richie things.  I’m a little like his mother.  I am unique!”

This is what was shared with me about Sissy.

Sissy is the watchdog and can, I’m told, get quite noisy.   I think she is a hunter and I know she chases squirrels in the yard.  Her Momma needed something to take care of and love.  She said she didn’t think she could ever find a dog as sweet as Richie, but now thinks Sissy is even sweeter.  We were told Sissy had been in an abusive situation, so she need some TLC.  She is much closer to women, due to her past, but is starting to warm up to her new dad.  She is protective.  Recently my mother in law fell and broke her wrist and she said Sissy would stay between her and Richie and make him stay back.  She told us at Christmas, she has surrendered the love seat (covered with a blanket) to the dogs.  I will have to ask about the singing.  Sissy’s momma has always gone to the doctor a lot, but after getting the dogs, she doesn’t feel the need to go as often.  These two sweeties have softened their hearts and changed their lives.  I’m not sure who rescued who (or is that whom).

Richie Mitchell

This little guy has a sweet story.  I didn’t know it before the communication.

“My home is a soft nest for me.  I feel like a bird and birds love their nest.  I love beef because it is so tasty.  My favorite thing to do is to bury things.  For one, burying is  entertaining, but I also bury things for a purpose.  I don’t have any pain, but I’m extremely sensitive.  My family and I have a new life and a fresh start since I arrived.  My job is an actor and I have a wonderful ability to make my parents joyful.   I am good for their soul.  I love my fur fluffed with fingers.  I also love to go in the car.   I feel safe in my crate.  I love my Sissy (his adopted sister).”

And here is the feedback…

Now I will give you a little background on Richie.  He showed up here, in Aug 2011.  You wouldn’t believe how bad he looked.  His coat was soooo matted and had grown down over his eyes to the point, that it must have been hard for him to see.  It took about a month before anyone could get close enough to catch him.  After a trip to the vet for shots, I took him to the groomer, who literally had to shave him.  They both said, they thought he must have been out on his own for a long time.  He didn’t know what dog food was.  He had apparently learned to eat twigs and various plants.  My mother-in-law had been wanting a dog, but his dad has never really liked dogs.   After adopting him, she said he would go out in the back yard and eat twigs and he would eat certain plants down to the ground.  He wasn’t very interested in regular food and when they would give him something, he would go outside and bury it!  Saving it for later(?).  He still buries things in the couch cushions or his blankets.  “Go” is one of his favorite words.  Cecil brings him here, once or twice a week for play dates with Cocoa, his first contact here.  We all pet/massage him and fluff his fur.  It’s so soft and inviting.  A far cry from what it was.  He rarely barks, but squeals with excitement upon seeing his people.  He has been great entertainment for my husband’s .  They are both crazy about him.  He and Sissy are so close, one would think they’ve always been together.

For all the Worriers out there…

Little Phoebe’s mommy contacted me to do a communication last week.  I asked her not to tell me anything until after I talked to her.  Here is a bit of what Phoebe told me.

1.  Would you talk to me?  Yes.  Yes.  This is important.  My mommy dear is very worried.

2.  What is your favorite food?  Rare steak, cut up tiny.

3.  Do you have pain anywhere?  Oh my, yes.  My Mommy is taking good care of me.

4.  Are you OK?  I’m perfect.  I got sick.  I’m getting better.  This just happens sometimes.  I don’t want mommy to worry.  I just want her to love me.

5.  Do you have a job?  I’m kind of bossy.  I think maybe that’s my job.  They all listen to me – even Mommy and Daddy.

6.  Do you like to ride in the car?  Yes I do.  I like to do many things.  I like to be carried around too.

7.  Is there anything you would like to change in your home?  I’m not crazy about perfume.  I would like more rare steak and No Worrying!

8.  Is there anything else your person can do for you?  I love it when you rock me and hum sweet songs.

9.  Where do you like to sleep?  Scootched up close to anyone – doggy or people.

10.  Why are you here for your person?  I’ve helped my Mommy through many things.  I’m the one she tells her secrets to.  I’m very trustworthy!

11.  What do you think of other animals of your species?  I love them, but they do need my supervision.

When I called Phoebe’s Mom she told me that the vet found a mass in her stomach.  Of course, she was worried, but you can see what Phoebe wants.  When I heard this I said it felt to me like just a mass, but not cancer.   I thought it would be fine to remove it.  Phoebe was schedule for surgery the next day.  I suggested that they see Phoebe like she is well and will fly through surgery.   The next day Mommy called early.  “It’s just a fatty tumor and nothing to worry about.”  I made my usual smart alec response saying, “I love it when I’m right.”  The following is the email that Phoebe’s Mom sent to me.

I keep reading this over and over and smiling and laughing to myself! 

She is so bossy!

She does like to be carried around, especially when we have people over. She will bark, and bark, and bark until I pick her up!  So when she says we all listen to her, we do!

Also, she likes us to take a nap with her in the afternoon.  She will get our attention and signal with her head, like, “let’s go!” and she wants to get in the old messy bed. And, not by herself either! If we put her on the bed and don’t get in, she will stand there watching us until we get in too. She won’t relax until we are in and down!

It was funny how you said she doesn’t like perfume.  I’m constantly kissing on her every morning while I’m getting ready – I mean, wouldn’t you? But after I put on perfume, if I try to kiss her she pulls away and is like, “Mom! Don’t!”  It’s really funny.

When she told you she has helped me through many things – we tell her that all the time!  We say, “She’s been a good, good friend, she’ll be there for you – for the good times and the bad times!” 

She stayed close through my mother’s illness and death, through my divorce, through the loss of our Shih-Tzu, Toby, and of course all the wonderful things we have been through too! She’s our girl! 

Of course we worry – we just love her! She can be relentless and exasperating, but if we just did what she wanted the first time, she wouldn’t have to tell us again.  😉  We’ll be so happy to have her back home and get her feeling better again.  Thanks, Pam!


Are we crazy?

I received the following email this week.

I met you when you were in Olathe, Ks in April to do your pet communication at the Brookside Barkery and Bath.  You may not remember, but my husband and I brought our dog Maddie (odd looking Scottie/Cairn mix) to be read.  You had us hooked when you said “who is the white one Maddie is thinking about?”  You were talking about Maddie’s fur sibling, Rudy, the Westie. 

Anyway, I always read your emails, but the one you sent a few days ago in particular had significant meaning for us.  Having lived in the metropolitan KC area all of our lives and in this particular home for 30 years, it would be a BIG THING for us to move away from home and dear friends.  To try and fulfill a dream, we have been “looking” for a home in Colorado for a few years now, deep down not knowing if we would have the guts to really move.  But, during a trip to out there in November, we  found a house that we loved in Estes Park.  We were set to really do it (but afraid and were looking for an excuse to stay here).   Lo and behold, we asked for a radon test and it came back pretty high, kind of scared us.  Well, we backed out of the deal; now having our ideal excuse.  I don’t believe it was the right time………..

There are two tales here and I will try to make them brief (haha).   They both stem from this attempted move to Colorado. 

Tale #1.  In November, when we were planning on going through with this moving thing; I knew there were things I had to take care of first… get my dear mom’s ashes (passed on four years ago), buried with my dad who passed on 50 years ago in December.  We did that on a beautiful day in November with my husband, daughter, best friend and her dad present.  We were surprised to have another special guest while we were there and I do believe this guest was sent by my mom to tell us how pleased she was at finally being put to rest.  I am a true believer in spirit presence and when you look at the picture attachment, do you see what I mean?  That is my daughter and and the  little doe is so named because she “assists” in many burials there at Elmwood Cemetery.  It was a very sunny day, but there were only a few rays that shone down right to the little deer.  A glad thing to say the least, because we all felt spirits around us.  She literally followed us from the chapel to the burial site and stayed there the whole time.  My lifelong friend, Theresa had just the day before, shared a dream she had that night with us all there at the cemetery, with smiling spirits all around.  She said that the actual day was so much like in her dream, but we didn’t know we would be surprised like that!  I know this probably is no surprise to you; but I did need to share it with you anyway because I knew you would understand.

Tale #2.  After the burial, Thanksgiving, Christmas in Colorado with our daughter (yes, she lives there)…….all of these things are good memories now.  This home is still in our minds day after day, as it is a dream we didn’t know if we could pull off or not; but doesn’t seem to leave us alone!  So, out of the blue, the broker in Colorado emailed us to let us know that there is a chance we could still get this home before it’s gone to buyers who have a contingency on it. Other offers being accepted.  She asks “are you still interested in the property?  The radon problem has been fully taken care of and it is safe.” 

When I got your email and read it, there was a message there that I took to heart and forwarded it to my husband.  It was the paragraph which reads….

It is time to pay close attention to what we are doing that is not in integrity. This week Anne Ortelee writes, “The heavens are asking us to make changes in our lives. No drama and craziness. Just do it. Just move forward. Understand that your inhibitions, anxieties and fears are all part of the package. As we move forward ~ and right now the Heavens are PUSHING US to move forward and change ~ we are going to run right into our fears, anxieties and dark spots in our soul. Accept them Gracefully. Don’t let them defeat you forever but do let them guide you toward what you SAY you want even if you aren’t so sure now that the time has arrived that you actually LIVE IN THE MOMENT. NO past. NO future. Do the task before you. MOVE on!”

So, I went back to read this again today and then came across the part where you said …..

Friday, January 11 at 1:43 CST is the New Moon in Capricorn. This is the most potent New Moon of the year for new beginnings in reaching goals that are important to you. CAPRICORN, the Goat, rules the ability to reach goals through awareness of current opportunities. This is an especially auspicious time for wishing to reach goals that are important to you – professional or personal; improve your reputation or public image; cultivate more maturity; create successes; accepting responsibility in a way that increases personal power. Good luck!

This just blew my mind, because for some reason, having tossed this decision around for a few days and knew that we would have to “just do it” or “NOT just do it”……..I woke up out of a sound sleep around 3:30 this morning and said to myself “I want to do this!”  Now, noting that this is the 11th…..and the number 11 is a very significant number in my life; many things revolve around this number.  Then, my husband is a Capricorn, being born on the cusp of December 22. 

I truly believe there are spirits around us each and every day and my mom and dad are watching out and giving us these signs.  AM I CRAZY????    🙂

Let’s put it like this…If you are crazy, then I am crazy and there are many of us living in this wonderful crazy world!!


Toys in the Closet

This was such a fun appointment.  A beloved  gave animal communication as a birthday gift to the Daddy of these boys.  His birthday is in December.   When I arrived I was greeted with tails wagging, licks and happy barks.   Rogan and Winston were dressed in their Christmas outfits.  Rogan (on the right) tells me that he loves sliced meat and that his brother is more spoiled than he is.  He said he didn’t care because he loved his brother madly.

Rogan then tells me that Daddy has toys hidden in the closet.  When I said this, his Daddy moved his eyes to the left and right like I was divulging a secret.  At this point I had to remind him that it was his dog that told me and it was no secret.  That is when the laughter began.  He did, in fact, have toys hidden for the pups but also toys hidden for his nieces and nephews.  (These are the ones that Rogan wanted most!)

Rogan told me that his Dad rescued him and that when he saw him he melted.  I can understand why.

His brother, Winston, loves to sleep ‘squishy’ close to his Dad.  He also told me that he is a the watchdog and that he will bite!

That evening as I left their home I was so grateful.  I felt like I was the one who received the gift.


Trust your Intuition!

Jingle was not feeling well when his mother contacted me.  She wanted me to ask Jingles what she could do for him.  The first thing Jingles told me was that his mom had been rearranging things.  (She confirmed this.)  He told me he was lucky to live here.

When I asked Jingles what was wrong he told me that his systems weren’t working right.  I asked him what he wanted his Mom to do.  Jingles told me that she has done everything she can do.  It is not something that can be fixed.  Then I asked Jingles if he was ready to cross the Rainbow Bridge.  He said he was ready and that his Mommy had done enough for him.  He also told me he was here to bring balance to the whole family but he wasn’t able to do this recently.

He told me to tell his Mommy that he is peaceful with whatever she decides.  Then said, “She knows what to do already!”  So, when I made the phone call to Jingle’s mom I asked her what her intuition was telling her before I told her what Jingles said.  She said, “I think he’s ready to go.”  I confirmed this for her.

The following day I received this email from Jingle’s mom.

Jingles went to Doggie Heaven last night.  Before we took him he started acting like a healthy young dog, playing with his brother, running around. I believe he knew that he was going to make his transition.  He always shook like he was afraid when he went for a ride in the car but last night he barely shook until we told him it was going to be ok and he’d seen his brothers soon, no more shaking after that.  Then as I was finally drifting off the sleep I had that “dream” of him with his brothers running around in what I think Doggie Heaven would be like for them. He was telling me he was happy and that he was ok.

Having you communicate with Jingles yesterday and him confirming what I had been thinking and feeling for a week really helped me to let him go. I was going to try to wait until Monday but I kept hearing, “don’t wait” and I believe that was Jingles telling me not to wait. 

Wanted to let you know that your communication with animals really does make a difference for us humans.

RIP, or should I say, Play in Peace, Jingles!


Others are invading his territory

Scoopy’s mom called me this week and I could tell she wanted to tell me what was going on in her life with her cat.  The first thing I said before we ever started the conversation was, please don’t tell me anything about your pet.  I like to go in with a blank page and then will answer your questions after I have communicated with your pet.  She emailed me his photo and this is some of what Scoopy told me.

1.  Will you talk to me?  Yes, I will.  I am a social guy.  (Mom says very social!)

2.  Tell me about your home.  Mom is moving things all around these days.  My house is medium size and it has some slick floors and some that have brown fuzz on them.  (They just moved and their home has hardwood floors with brown rugs on them.  They also have a brown furry couch.) 

3.  What is your favorite food.  The creamier food is my favorite…smashed meat or chicken.  (100% yes from mom)

4.  Is there anything you want to tell your person?  Thank you for being so patient with me.  (giggles)

5.  Why is your Mom calling meI have been agitated lately.  Others are invading my territory.  (Scoopy’s mom gasped at this.  She said that they had been broken into this week and Scoopy has been very agitated.)  I make assumptions sometimes when I talk to animals and my assumption this time was that there was a cat invading his property.  Never assume anything, Pam!

The session went on the validate more about Scoopy and towards the end of our conversation my client told me how spot on it was and amazing.  I thought about that for a bit.  I forget how amazing it is that I have this gift.  My reply to her was, “You know, it is amazing.  It helps so much.”  She also said that Scoopy was acting differently since I connected with him.  This often happens.  This sweet kitty’s mom was a newbie to all of this, but I think she’s a believer now. 

Remy wants his own chair!

The first thing Remy, a Coton de Tulear breed, told me was that he was a lover.  He described his home as very modern with slippery floors, lots of black and white and very tidy.  He confessed that he wasn’t much help in keeping it tidy.  He loves beef the most and sent me a picture of a rare steak on a plate.  He loves it when his Mom buys him new toys.   He is a serious watch dog and means business!  All of this was confirmed in my follow up phone conversation.  Remy’s mom told me that he had even had her leftover rare filet last night.

Remy wants his own chair or bench in front of his favorite window.  He also loves to sleep really close and told me he was very cuddly.  When I spoke to his Mom she told me that there had been changes in their home recently.  Remy was being distant and not cuddling with her.  She said that he used to have a favorite chair, but with the recent changes that chair was no longer there.  She lives in a condo with three floors and this chair was positioned in the front of a window on the third floor.  Remy loved looking out and being the watchdog.  I suggested that she get a chair or bench back there soon.

Remy’s mom was worried that perhaps all the changes had upset him.  She told me that he had felt distant to her.  I shared that often when an animal knows that he has been ‘heard’ behavior will change.  It has certainly been my experience with my own animals.

A few weeks later I received this email from Remy’s mom.  Thanks again for your help with Remy. After our discussion, he became the cuddliest dog ever!  I was shocked. I was reading a book in bed. He crawled onto my stomach in a little ball and fell asleep. When I’m on the couch now, he cuddles next to me with his head on my leg. On the weekends he’s been searching me out so he can jump in my lap and sleep. It has made me so happy. I also moved a bench under Remy’s favorite window as requested and he loves it!  I have referred several people to you.  (and she has!)   I’m always happy to refer when I know I’m sending people to a good resource.


An Imprint of a Beloved Cat

Tommy told me that even though he crossed the Rainbow Bridge, he still rubs up against his Mom.  He told me that his kidneys were the reason he had to leave.  I always ask a deceased pet to share some memories with me to help the owner know that it really is in heaven.  He shared how his mom would laugh when he attacked the bedspread or blanket.  He said he became a ‘madman obsessed’.  Tommy also told me that he was coming back to his family.  He sent the message that his Mom was to look for a quiet kitty that stands back a bit and watches her.  Once she makes eye contact with him she will know.

Tommy also told me that his Mom and Dad could still feel his presence.  His mother told me that they could hear him making noise.  One night about three weeks after Tommy’s passing they took this picture in their home.  With this I need not write another word.