Big Beautiful Bear

Bear Curnutte
The first time I met Bear was in the back of his Mom’s big SUV.  She was worried about Bear coming in to meet me.  Bear was very forthcoming with me.  Bear’s Dad had been ill for quite some time.  Then, the next time I saw Bear he came into see me.  His Mom told him that he was going to see me and she said his whole demeanor changed.
This week Bear’s daddy died.  Mom called me quite worried because Bear was not eating and had lost significant weight.  This is what he told me.  “Dad’s gone and I’m inconsolable right now.  I will come back to being me.  I need a little time.  Mom needs me to grieve with her.  We both need some time.  The full moon will illuminate Dad’s soul as he crosses the bridge.  He needed to go.”
I asked him about his food and told him it was important that he eat.  Bear said, “Being sad does not mean you are dying.”  I suggested to his mom that she give him some special treats right now and that it would be good to give herself some special treats now too.  That evening I received this email from Bear’s mom.

I sat with Bear and talked for a few minutes about our grief and getting through it. Then I made him something special to eat, his food with peanut butter, bacon bits and cheese. He ate it all but hesitated and ate slowly. Then he wanted to go out in the yard.  Thank you for your help, I needed to know that he was able to deal with all the emotions.

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