Ponderings About Recent Pet Visits

People often become emotional when they have me talk to their pets. Our hearts are so attached to these babies. After visiting with many this last weekend I thought I should write a few of the amazing things they shared with me. I promise you, I am always surprised too.  Names have been changed to keep the clients anonymous.  I view this like therapy and it is confidential, however if this helps someone I’m shining my light. Everything below was validated.

Chase told me that his mom looked and looked online until she finally found him. He told his mom that she was silly because she liked white. He eats organic…chicken and turkey (and he was bragging!).

A sweet man who was broken-hearted after losing his dog came to see me. The dog told me he was going to come back to his dad. I asked him how his dad would know and he said he would whisper in his ear. At this point dad was overwhelmed because every morning they had a ritual where he would get on the floor, rub his dog’s ears and then his dog would whisper in his ear. The dog also shared that his dad was a serious neat nick.

A gorgeous puppy told me that his mom had to think twice about getting him. Mom shared that the woman from where she got him was seriously rude to her. She wanted to back out but is so grateful she did not. This puppy was a mature soul and said it was important for him to compete.  He’s got the ‘IT’ factor.

A little dachshund mix showed me his mom doing an exercise that looked like Tai Chi. She shared that she had rotator cuff surgery and was always doing her physical therapy. This pup also said that since she got rescued she pretty much gets whatever she wants.

Sally, a beautiful lab, told me her mom had been overwrought and that she needed to lay down with her. Sally’s mom shared that her mother was on the brink of death and asked me if I could see angels around her. Getting really quiet and going inside what I saw was the image of a woman about the same age as her mother. I asked her if her mother had a sister or a very close friend who had passed? Yes, her best friend died about 4 years ago. I told her that she was waiting for her mother. Her mother died that evening.   Sally brought us back to the present moment and told me that she was still a champion!

An energetic golden colored dog said that the most important thing he needed to tell me was that he climbed a mountain. Mom shared that this was his favorite thing to do in agility.  He has three places of his own at home and loves to be groomed. His mom said she wanted to ask me a question and at the very same moment I heard that someone died from her dog. I asked and golden dog’s mom told me emotionally that this was true.

Our dogs will surrogate for us. They will take our illness. I got to witness this twice this weekend. One surrogated thyroid cancer and another alopecia.

A sweet cocker spaniel in heaven told me that she was still wearing her crown. Her mom shared that she always wore a crown charm on her collar.  Another sweet baby in heaven showed me the image of a heart and then a door slamming. I, of course, assumed she died of a heart attack but her mom shared that she died on Valentine’s Day. Don’t assume, Pam!

A big beautiful brown baby told me her mom searched and searched for her and that she wasn’t a puppy when she got her. She loves going to their special place…a walk where there is water and trees. Then she told me that she turned a dark place into bright place for her mom. It was like a light switch flipped. She’s very grateful that her new home is peaceful now. Evidently she didn’t come from a peaceful place before.  And I loved this…AGE is a 3 letter word! Don’t even think about it.

It’s with gratitude and still a sense of awe that I share these stories. Our pets are just as conscious as we are…probably more. We can’t trick them or keep a secret. Try putting a treat in your pocket. 😉

I agree with Danielle!

Danielle MacKinnon is a pet communicator and psychic.  I have taken some of her online courses.  She recently posted this on Facebook.  I have been experiencing the same thing as Danielle.  I feel more plugged in and communications just seem to flow.  You have no idea how grateful I am for this!  Enjoy this post.

The $*%^ is Hitting the Fan in the Animal Kingdom! 

Recently, I’ve noticed that certain things in our world are changing at a much faster pace than they were even just a year ago. I believe this is partly thanks to social media pushing things along and partly because the number of people who are newly waking UP each day has been increasing exponentially.

This is leading us all to a brand new way of seeing our human roles in the world.

In the past six months, my intuitive, heart-to-heart connection to animals has been growing in an almost crazy, too-much-to-handle kind of way.

And I’m SURE your connection to animals, nature, and the earth increased incredibly over the past six months as well.

From dogs to elephants to cats to giraffes to cows to chickens – I feel more “plugged in” to the plight and unconditional love of animals than ever before (and most people already say that I’m pretty plugged in).

But along with this bigger “plugging in” has come an increased awareness of what so many animals are experiencing right now.

Today as I write this, social media is full of crazy, incredible, true, tragic, and very often difficult-to-read stories around about trophy hunters, factory farming, wild and domestic animal abuse, and more almost everywhere you look.

But there is a reason for this.

We can’t change what we aren’t aware of – so right now these horrible things in the world that truly need to shift are becoming more and more visible.

I know this makes it seem like things are worse than ever before for animals.

But I don’t believe that they are.

When the public reports on an animal-in-need or an abuse case, thousands of people are jumping to action. They are creating the release of this icky, abusive energy!

When I was a kid, I felt like I was the only one who cared about animals. I felt like people thought I was weird because of my connection to all animals (even bugs).

And now, the tide is turning.

I may be weird, but now there are so many others out there who are weird with me! There are animal advocate groups, rescue groups, wildlife rescue organizations and countless more and the more these stories come to light – the more the “weird” people are taking action to create global change.

The %*#& may be hitting the fan where the human and animal kingdoms meet right now but so many of us are using this to create a better world.

Let’s keep taking action and spreading our love for animals out for the rest of the world to see, hear, feel, touch, and live with! After all, animals really are our teachers!


A Grieving Parrot

At an event recently, a woman came up to me for a session carrying a bird wrapped in a towel.  It was cold outside so I could understand why she had him wrapped up.  When she sat down she removed the towel and introduced me to Buzz.  Buzz had no feathers on his torso and back.  He had feathers on his beautiful face, tail and wings.  When I tuned into this little guy I knew something wasn’t right and it felt like depression.   I asked his Mom what had changed recently.  She shared with me that her daughter passed away last January.  I asked her when Buzz started plucking out his feathers and she told me it was about that time.

Buzz is surrogating for his Mom.  He is mirroring her pain and trying to take it away by plucking out his own feathers.  Our animals will do anything for us to remove our pain or illness.  I made suggestions to her of things she could say to Buzz.  I then communicated to Buzz that he needed to get healthy for his Mommy.  This would help her with her grief much more than plucking out his feathers.  I telepathically told him that I knew he didn’t want to cause his Mom more grief.  I told Buzz how much I loved him and how gorgeous he was even without his feathers.

His Mom also shared with me that when Buzz was about 8 years old he laid his first egg.  So, Buzz is a she!

Buzz also told me that he loved his Mom’s singing.  She laughed and said she wasn’t a very good singer.  Buzz jumped up on his Mom’s finger and turned around and faced me.  He whistled the loudest “wolf” whistle I have heard in a long time.  I thanked him and told him that I couldn’t remember the last time anyone whistled at me.  What a compliment!  His Mom shared that he had not whistled like that since he started plucking his feathers out.  Then his Mom started singing “You Are My Sunshine”.  Buzz started dancing and it was the greatest gift ever…not just for me but for everyone watching.  He’s so intuitive that I’ll bet he even knows I’m writing a blog about him today.  Surely he is going to grow those feathers back.  I can’t wait to hear the good news.


Clear your Clutter

Ask yourself, ‘Is the clutter that is around me raising or lowering my vibration?”  Then remember, that anything that lowers your vibration can make you sick!

You might think you own all that stuff you neither need nor use. But, in reality, it owns you. Every possession carries two price tags, the original purchase price and the continuing toll. That second amount is paid in upkeep, attention, time, safekeeping, maintenance and storage. Such clutter not only fills up our available space, but also negatively impacts our lives. The cost is levied in anxiety, depression, relationship conflict and financial distress.

How to determine what is clutter for you:

  • Anything that you don’t use or need
  • Anything that we have yet to fix, finish, maintain or fit into
  • Anything that does not have a ‘home’
  • The piles, the mountains, the stacks, the towers, the boxes (if you can’t see it, you are not using it), the papers

Tune in to your Belief Patterns – Below is a list of some of the top reasons we ‘hold on’ to clutter.  Notice if any of these resonate for you or press your buttons.

~Abandonment Issues – “This won’t leave me” – Being abandoned for any reason can leave us with a feeling that this can happen again.  Our ‘stuff’ won’t leave us.  Then there is the fear that if you do get rid of the stuff that you are abandoned again.  One has to be courageous to feel the feelings of this.  We might feel that if we get clear then there is nothing left of us.

~Scarcity Thinking – “Just in case” – This comes from a belief that there is not enough to go around and that the future is not to be trusted.

~Scarcity Thinking – “I told you so” – This is fear that if you do get rid of the clutter then you will have to beat yourself up because you shouldn’t have gotten rid of something.  This, unfortunately, is ‘victim’ consciousness.

~Shelf Life – “It’s not used up yet” – This is a holding pattern that comes from a belief that it needs to stay until it is all used up.

~Sentimental Attachments – “This reminds me of…” – This is a tough one for those who hang on to sweet reminders of the past.  These drain the ‘life force’ right out of your home and your life.  Choose a few based on love and honest usefulness and let the rest go.

A note on letting go… When you clear your clutter honor and acknowledge the objects that you are releasing.  Thank them and acknowledge what it has meant to you.  Reward each clearing effort by doing something that makes your heart sing.

The stronger the ‘charge’ about letting something go is often the biggest reason to let it go.  Clearing clutter slowly allows you to remove the protective filters in a way that your nervous system can handle.  You will grow exponentially every time you clear your clutter.

Everything in our lives has energy.  Everything has our thoughts and emotions embedded into it.  Old furniture is no exception.  Clear your clutter and change your life.  If you let one piece of clutter go, something new can come in.  Trust me on this.
What are you holding onto? What thoughts and beliefs are you putting out into the Universe by clinging to it? Are you telling yourself you don’t believe in the inevitability of your own success and prosperity? Or that you don’t believe you can expand and create better things in your life?
Pick one thing – just one small thing – and let it go. Today!


How I Became an Animal Communicator


People always ask me how I became an Animal Communicator.  My reply is always, “It found me.”  In 1988 I had what I call a spiritual awakening and everything in my life began to shift.  I started learning about me and what makes me tick.  Life became more interesting and I found parts of me that had been missing for several years.   Digging deep I realized that I needed a purpose.  I had two adorable children and I was single again.  Several of my spiritual mentors suggested that I go back and finish my degree.

After finishing my degree in 1991, I taught middle school science for several years.   In the summer of 1997 I realized that I was at another low point and I went to visit my soul sister in Texas.  When I’m with my friend life always seems to be clearer.  During our visit my friend kept saying that it wasn’t good ‘Feng Shui’ to do certain things within the home.  Just the word Feng Shui caught my attention and I have no idea why.  When I returned home I bought soul sister a book about Feng Shui that I read before I gave it to her.  I started implementing the suggested changes within my home and realized that my life got better.

At that point I had a true thirst to learn more.  I checked out every book I could find from our local library.  This was about 1997 and there was not much information out there.  It was also the time that the internet became a source of information.  I ‘met’ Feng Shui enthusiasts online.  I then decided that I wanted to take a course and flew to California to the American Feng Shui Institute.  That was all she wrote.  I was hooked.

This all happened while I was still a classroom teacher.  I began studying Chinese Astrology, Dowsing, and other metaphysical topics.  I had a ‘thirst’ that could not be quenched.  In learning how to dowse I realized that my intuition (which has always been pretty strong) began to sharpen.  I began to practice Feng Shui and Dowsing (which I called Space Clearing) professionally.   I left the classroom in 2003.

When I visited client’s homes to do Feng Shuiconsultations or Space Clearing their animals would greet me.  Having always been an animal lover I loved this part of my work.  For me, animals have always been a refuge.   It was during a Feng Shui consultation that my client asked me if I could tell what his animals were thinking.   I told him I didn’t know, but sat down close to his gorgeous dogs and tried to tune in.  The dog said to me, “It’s not fair that he treats my brother nicer than he treats me just because he has three legs!”  The brother spoke up and said, “And I don’t like it either.  He treats me like I am handicapped!”   Of course I doubted what I heard, but did repeat it to my client.  He burst out in tears and admitted that he was, in fact, doing exactly that.

After that day I started tuning in a little more seriously with pets and decided I would take an Animal Communication workshop to see if I could strengthen my skill.  That was all she wrote.  I realized in the workshop that the animals were talking to me loud and clear.  They would actually have a conversation with me.  Sometimes they send me an image.  Sometimes I can feel what they are feeling in my physical body.

I already had quite a few clients who received newsletters that I wrote and I sent out a newsletter saying that I thought I could hear animals but needed to practice.   The first 10 people who sent me a photo of their animal would receive a free reading from me.  All I wanted in return was some feedback to validate what I was receiving.  My inbox filled up immediately.  Since that time about four years ago I have not looked back.

This is the first time in my career journey that I have, for the most part, not had to work to get clientele.  Most all of the work I do flows to me.  Organizations contact me to participate in their events.  The message in all of this is that I have found my purpose.  This is the path that I am supposed to follow at this point in my life.  The animals fill my heart with so much joy and what I do helps the owner of the animal so much.   I communicate remotely and in person.  I communicate with pets in heaven and also help to find lost pets.

If I were to give advice to someone who was looking for what they are supposed to do with their life I would tell them to remain open.  Trust that God and the Universe will reveal it to you if you have the mindfulness to be present.  I will forever be grateful for this gift.



Out of the Mouths of Babes

One of my granddaughters spent the night with me this past week.  We were laying in bed and we started talking about ‘favorites’.  She was telling me who she thought should be my favorite relative.  Her thought was that it should be my son and daughter.  I told her that it would probably be my grandchildren now over my children because my children were adults.  I said that children need lots of love and I thought that my grown children knew how much I loved them.  Then she said “Well, what about Holly, my daughter-in-law, and my ex-husband, her Paw Paw?”    I told her that I was not a blood relative to them and explained that my children and grandchildren shared the same blood as me.

She thought that was just ridiculous!  Then she started explaining to me that we all share the same blood.  The reason is because ‘we are family and we love each other’.  I then got curious and asked about my ex-husband’s wife.  She said, “Of course you share her blood!  You were married to my Paw Paw too!”  Then I asked her about our animals.  “Mimi!” she said exasperated….”Of course we share the same blood with our animals!!”  We love each other and we are all a family.  We all share the same blood!!”  She meant it with every fiber of her being.

This was probably one of the most profound conversations I’ve ever had and it was with an 8 year old.  I’m the one who is always saying that we are all connected.  My granddaughter gets it at a much deeper level than I do evidently.  What a beautiful lesson for me.

I’ve got a thing about bunnies!

I was contacted to talk to Timmy because he had something going on and his mother was worried.  When I asked him about his home he told me that his mother liked colored lighting and unusual decorations.  She also likes books.  His mom was shocked and said that she did ‘color therapy’ in the work that she does and uses colored lights.  When I asked Timmy why his mom was contacting me he told me that he needs a playmate.  I need a replacement!  He told me that his mom had been sad and he wishes he could fix that.  He told her that she would be better soon.  Please don’t worry.   He told me that he loves neck rubs.

His mom told me that Timmy was having challenges with his digestive system and that she had separated him from his mate.  He loves neck rubs right behind his ears.  She admitted that she was a worrier.  I told her that I would do some energy work on him after we got off the phone.  The next day I received this email.

Just a note to say I’m so grateful for your help yesterday and for the connection.

I put Timmy with his mate again yesterday in the hallway to play together and he was so happy.  He just lit up. He became himself really quickly too— I think your clearing and listening to him really helped.  He’s pooping great now and eating more hay.  Many thanks.

*Timmy is on the right.  I can understand why he was so upset to be separated from his mate…She is gorgeous.  Ok, Mom…no worrying.


Lost Pup Leaves an Important Message

A couple called me to help find their lost pet.  I could tell by their voices that they were heartbroken.  When I tuned in this sweet girl told me that ‘it’ got her fast.   I asked her some more questions to see if it helped her parents to believe it was her.  She told me she liked to play snuggle buns and that she was picked out special as a gift.  All of this was validated.  Then she said something that was quite profound.

“I got scared and ran and then I knew it was time for me to go.”  I asked her why?  “To help my mom and dad love each other more.  They were forgetting that.  Tell them that I love them and not to blame each other for my disappearing.”  When I asked her if she was coming back she said, “Yes, very soon!  I did this to open up my parent’s hearts.”  Her parents said they were going through a trying time in their marriage.

I have no idea if she is coming back in her original body or in a new body.  My greatest hope is that her parents listen to her message and just love each other.

A Cricket showed up

Personal Energy Clearing is another one of the things that I love to do.  I was recently asked to do a personal clearing for a man who found himself in a challenging situation.  Hey, it happens to the best of us.  When I do a personal clearing I go through the energy fields and jot down whatever shows up in the different fields (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, etc.).  I felt a sensation in my jaw, and asked him what he was not saying.  Pressure in my head and a pain in my tailbone also presented.  He had tailbone pain this past week that prevented him from standing up easily.

When I got to his Karmic Field his brother showed up.  Lo and behold, this is exactly why he was having me do the clearing.  They were at odds and it was causing him to be very distressed.  My advice to him (as it is to everyone) was to ‘lay down’ and don’t fight.  This morning I received my Abraham-Hicks quote saying, “In most lawsuits, most people just use each other as their excuse to disconnect from the Stream. And then they just suffer until the one who is the least disconnected wins the lawsuit. But it is still an exercise in disconnecting from Source Energy that we think is never worth the price of the reward, no matter how great the reward of a lawsuit is.”

When clearing his Spiritual Field a cricket showed up.  I suggested that he look at cricket as an animal totem.  He and his partner were sitting there with me and I could see their wheels spinning.  Finally he said, could cricket be something other than an actual cricket?  He then told me that he had a beloved dog years ago named Cricket!  I was covered in goosebumps and told him that I thought that his dog was there to help him through this challenging time.  I also suggested that he ask Cricket for help.

I love how our animals show up for us from across the Bridge or in every day life.  Love this work!

He helps his Mom ‘weather’ through life

I recently met Storm at an event.  His mom brought in his photo.  Storm told me that he is helping his mother with the changes in her life.  He told me that he is a pussycat when it comes to being tough.  His mom is very strict about his food.  He mentioned something about bowling and his Mom said that she bowls.  He also has his own pillow.  (Meaning that when he sleeps in the bed he puts his head on the pillow!)

The most significant thing that Storm told me was that he helps his mother ‘weather” through her life.  It has not been easy.  At that point his mom told me that Storm protected her when a member of her family became very unstable and in the end took his own life.  I pointed out to her that he said ‘weather’ and his name is Storm.  Hmmm

There are no coincidences.  Even though Storm is a ‘pussycat’, he protected his mother.