Why I Love Astrology

In this busy and stressful world, Astrology gives us an excuse to sit down and think about our lives. It helps us to awaken to our own spiritual power.

The time I spend with a client, whether on the phone, or in person is sacred space of understanding. This is a time of processing and gaining acceptance to the new insights into their lives. Looking to the future, I help clients to know if the road will be smooth or if challenges lie ahead.

Over the years I have become more comfortable with my inner voice during a consultation. I realize that when I’m interpreting a chart my inner knowing, or sixth sense, becomes more powerful. I can help people to see beyond their immediate pain or confusion to the success and happiness that await them.

Astrology gives my life deep meaning that does not run out. It is something that I remain on fire about and rewards me greatly. It is my hope that astrology can give others a sense of control over their destiny. We all face periods of disappointment and even disasters in our lives. This period of pain is often a touchstone for spiritual growth. Astrology is a vehicle that helps us navigate the wonderful journey of our life.

A New Addition

December 26 brought a new little grandson into my life. .
Here are a couple of updated pictures of the Grandangels.

What Others Say

Pam is a gifted intuitive who uses her astrology and clearing skills with wonderful grace, honesty, integrity and sense of humor, to guide and empower in very real and practical ways. Her practice, infused with her delightful sense of fun and keen perception, gives me new energy and inspiration to move forward in times when I have felt bogged down by stress or limited points of view. Karen N. Johnstone, Seattle, WA

Pam Case is one delightful, magcally intuitive,an highly skilled professional! For the past five years she has provided space and personal clearings, Chinese Astrology, and most recently medical intuitive readings for me and my family. I have found all of Pam’s work to embody pure integrity, keen knowledge, and absolute open heartedness! Janet Flynn, Tulsa, OK

Instinctively, I knew that Pam was the individual to help for me, when she drove up in a red Prius. The minute I met her, there was a connection and I felt safe and open having her in my home and working with me. I have been fortunate to have utilized Pam’s talents in three homes, two of which were done by mail, over the last two years concerning Feng Shui. After setting up my home based on the information provided, my living space is so very comfortable and more enjoyable. I am truly amazed at how the information provided is so right-on! Cathy K., Little Rock, AR

Space and Personal Clearing

I’m also a dowser. After studying Chinese Metaphysics for a few years I was introduced to the pendulum. Again, it found me. Once I experimented with it for a while I started reading books and articles. If I read a book about a topic that I am interested in, then I am usually looking for a class to go along with it. A good teacher makes it real for me. I’ve taken many workshops with the famous dowsers of the world, Eric Dowsett, Raymon Grace, Walt Woods and Harold McCoy.

The pendulum can be compared to applied kinesiology. I use it to clear energy fields in people and space. The best analogy I can make about clearing is that energy fields get clogged up like the filter in a heating/air conditioner. The filters need to be changed or cleaned. Clearing has much the same result.

The energy of the earth and electromagnetic fields can influence everyone in a space. Any life experience can be stored as a memory in your energy fields, and affect how you live your life. Using a pendulum and dowsing rod these energy patterns can be released, clearing the way for new possibilities.

I have had so many positive experiences with dowsing. Sometimes it seems like magic!

Feng Shui

Feng Shui found me in 1997. I will forever be grateful to Feng Shui because it is the reason I found my ‘path’.

Feng Shui is an innovative system for creating change in your life by influencing the energy of your environment. It is the ancient Chinese Study of detecting seen and unseen energies and how they affect our living and working space. Feng Shui has methods for controlling, stimulating, and directing the subtle force called chi, to support us and to brighten our opportunities for success in the future.

Feng Shui is not a religious practice and therefore cannot produce miracles. What it can produce is a more harmonious and peaceful environment where one can have a greater potential to achieve their desires.

The quality of the energy that surrounds you profoundly affects your ability to manifest harmonious relationships, a satisfying career, good health and abundance. Feng Shui is used throughout the world by people of all walks of life to create spaces which resonate with a sense of beauty, balance and purpose.

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Chinese Astrology – My Passion

Hopefully the explanation below will help you to understad what an Astrology reading can do for you. To me, it’s all about raising our level of consiousness. Anything that helps me to understand myself better can help me to ‘wake up’!

The Four Pillars of Destiny is a system of Chinese astrology used to decipher human fate and is based on yin/yang and the five elements. A Four Pillars interpretation establishes a framework to help individuals understand the potentials and cycles of their lives. It is a personal energy blueprint – a map of your own energy based upon the prevailing energy on the day you were born. It is at this precise moment that we “inhale” our destinies.

The birth data is converted into four “pillars”. Each pillar depicts the interplay of two of the five elements – wood, fire, earth, metal and water.

The positions of the elements on the pillars and the relationships among the elements “determine” the destiny of the individual. During your lifetime you migrate through different energy. The belief behind this is that man will face and overcome various experiences presented to him in the different Luck and Annual Pillars.

People follow different patterns because of the influences imprinted upon them at birth. It depends upon your state of wisdom as to how well you move through the different energies of time. The strength and intensity of troubles or good fortune depends on the strength and maturity of the individual.

A Four Pillars chart is a personal energy blueprint – a map of our own unique chi based upon the prevailing energy influences during the year, month, day and hour of birth.

A Four Pillars chart predicts possibilities in our future and helps to make peace with our past. Understanding this enables us to take full advantage of times of abundance and times of challenge. Insight into many areas can be gained through the analysis of a chart: careers, prospects for wealth, insight into relationships, and health. 4P can be used as research on human potential – how one can capture and realize the good and minimize the bad.

Gotta start somewhere!

Since I don’t have a website right now I thought it might be a good idea to create a blog. This is my first post and I’ve attached a pic of me on the California coast near San Francisco. I was on a holiday with my husband and also attending a workshop. This is an experiment to see if I’m really creating! More to follow.