Cassie – So Afraid of Thunder

Cassie was a little bit shy, but she said she would talk to me.  Her mom’s greatest concern was that Cassie is horribly afraid of thunderstorms.  This is a common problem with many dogs.  Cassie told me that she is not scared of storms, but that the currents in a storm seem to go right through her body.  She said it makes her feel really strange.  I often wonder if it has to do with the electromagnetics of a storm.  I sent in my healing fairy guide in the hopes that she would help to reset whatever it is in Cassie that makes her feel so strange. 
Her mom also told me that Cassie jumps up on people and it really hurts.  I told Cassie about her mother’s concern about her jumping up.  She is grateful her parents are so patient with her.  She told me her favorite food was chicken – the real thing!
A few days later Cassie’s mom called me to say the day I communicated with her that she did not jump up when she got home.  Secondly, Cassie got up on the counter and took the remains of a roasted chicken and ate the whole thing! 
A few weeks after my communication with Cassie I met her in person.  She is a beautiful girl…inside and out.  I hope she is doing better.