Diane from Arkansas

I drove to Mountain Home, Arkansas last weekend to see my soul sister, Beth.  There’s a country store not far from their ranch in the Ozarks.  We stopped in to buy a lotto ticket (one of our rituals) and laying on the counter was a photo of a dog named Diane who was missing.  I told the lady who owned the store that I was an animal communicator and that I would try to see if I could find out anything about this missing dog.  She looked at me a little strangely but said, “Of course!” 

When I found my ‘still point’ to tap into the energy of Diane my heart felt as though it were jumping around in my chest.  Then I heard, “It bit me and my heart stopped”.  I couldn’t see a snake in my mind’s eye, but it is the first thing I thought of, so I trusted it. 

We returned to the store and I left my findings along with my card.  Of course, I always hope I’m wrong with a missing animal, but perhaps it can give the owner some answers and someday some peace. 

God bless you, Diane, wherever you are.  I know you gave your family much unconditional love.  And if you are still out there please go home!!