Dis-ease and Wellness

My profession is so interesting! I get the opportunity to communicate with people from all walks of life. One thing that people often ask me about is illness. I believe is that illness always, always, always has to do with a person’s vibration. If ones vibration is low then the cells don’t do what they are supposed to do causing the onset of illness or dis-ease.

For some, being ill is a way to withdraw from the many things that pull at them in this life. If I am sick then I don’t have to: work so much, attend to a parent that might exhaust me, or to actually do something that will help me to live an authentic life. Fear can often keep us sick – fear of success or of failure. If I am sick I can withdraw with an ‘excused absence’ so to say. I don’t have to say ‘yes’ when I want to say no.

As far as looking at this from a Feng Shui perspective, if someone has the energy blueprint of ‘damsel in distress, victim, or wounded child’ then that person is probably going to choose a house that will honor this archetype or blueprint. They will choose a house that will bring illness or allow them to stay sick.

This is something that shows up in Chinese Astrology charts as well. Everyone goes through times of challenge, and the choices we make while in that challenge can often determine our wellness. Someone can be clashed and rise above it or fall victim to it.

Sometimes being sick is my body telling me that I need to slow down and just be.

I have a dear friend who says, “Life is long and there are many things we can do while we are here.” What do you choose to do?
Over and out with respect, love and happy thoughts!