For all the Worriers out there…

phoebe stanton

Little Phoebe’s mommy contacted me to do a communication last week.  I asked her not to tell me anything until after I talked to her.  Here is a bit of what Phoebe told me.

1.  Would you talk to me?  Yes.  Yes.  This is important.  My mommy dear is very worried.

2.  What is your favorite food?  Rare steak, cut up tiny.

3.  Do you have pain anywhere?  Oh my, yes.  My Mommy is taking good care of me.

4.  Are you OK?  I’m perfect.  I got sick.  I’m getting better.  This just happens sometimes.  I don’t want mommy to worry.  I just want her to love me.

5.  Do you have a job?  I’m kind of bossy.  I think maybe that’s my job.  They all listen to me – even Mommy and Daddy.

6.  Do you like to ride in the car?  Yes I do.  I like to do many things.  I like to be carried around too.

7.  Is there anything you would like to change in your home?  I’m not crazy about perfume.  I would like more rare steak and No Worrying!

8.  Is there anything else your person can do for you?  I love it when you rock me and hum sweet songs.

9.  Where do you like to sleep?  Scootched up close to anyone – doggy or people.

10.  Why are you here for your person?  I’ve helped my Mommy through many things.  I’m the one she tells her secrets to.  I’m very trustworthy!

11.  What do you think of other animals of your species?  I love them, but they do need my supervision.

When I called Phoebe’s Mom she told me that the vet found a mass in her stomach.  Of course, she was worried, but you can see what Phoebe wants.  When I heard this I said it felt to me like just a mass, but not cancer.   I thought it would be fine to remove it.  Phoebe was schedule for surgery the next day.  I suggested that they see Phoebe like she is well and will fly through surgery.   The next day Mommy called early.  “It’s just a fatty tumor and nothing to worry about.”  I made my usual smart alec response saying, “I love it when I’m right.”  The following is the email that Phoebe’s Mom sent to me.

I keep reading this over and over and smiling and laughing to myself! 

She is so bossy!

She does like to be carried around, especially when we have people over. She will bark, and bark, and bark until I pick her up!  So when she says we all listen to her, we do!

Also, she likes us to take a nap with her in the afternoon.  She will get our attention and signal with her head, like, “let’s go!” and she wants to get in the old messy bed. And, not by herself either! If we put her on the bed and don’t get in, she will stand there watching us until we get in too. She won’t relax until we are in and down!

It was funny how you said she doesn’t like perfume.  I’m constantly kissing on her every morning while I’m getting ready – I mean, wouldn’t you? But after I put on perfume, if I try to kiss her she pulls away and is like, “Mom! Don’t!”  It’s really funny.

When she told you she has helped me through many things – we tell her that all the time!  We say, “She’s been a good, good friend, she’ll be there for you – for the good times and the bad times!” 

She stayed close through my mother’s illness and death, through my divorce, through the loss of our Shih-Tzu, Toby, and of course all the wonderful things we have been through too! She’s our girl! 

Of course we worry – we just love her! She can be relentless and exasperating, but if we just did what she wanted the first time, she wouldn’t have to tell us again.  😉  We’ll be so happy to have her back home and get her feeling better again.  Thanks, Pam!