Gracie was my First

Gracie G!

Several years ago I was doing a space clearing for some friends who were putting their house on the market.   Gracie and her brother met me at the door as most animals do when I arrive.  When I was finished with the clearing Gracie’s Dad asked me if I could tune into his dogs.  I told him that I didn’t know, but I would try.  Loud and clear came, “It’s not fair that he treats my brother better than me just because he has three legs!”  When I shared this with him he was very moved and tearful.  He said that it was true and he had no idea that his dogs realized this.  I then heard the brother say that he didn’t like being treated differently either.

It was after this appointment that I decided to see if I could really hear the animals and took my first animal communication class.  Sure enough, I could.  Animals came in  crystal clear.  When I finished that workshop I came home and wrote a newsletter saying that I would do free animal communication for the first 10 people that got back to me.  I wanted feedback to see if I was making it all up.  Since that time I have not looked back.

Recently I had the opportunity to communicate with Gracie again.  She remembered me.  She told me that chicken was her favorite food followed by beef.  She loves to walk and to search for hidden treasure.  Her Dad contacted me because he was worried about her hips and legs.  When I asked Gracie if they hurt she told me that at times they were a bit numb but not painful.  She said she knows she is getting older but she is still healthy and vital.  Love makes her feel this way.  She said that she wished that her parents could get her easy going personality through osmosis because they were both worriers and fretters and they pass it back and forth to each other.  (Sometimes animals are real tattle tales!)

Gracie’s job is to help her Dad to be grounded.  She told me she was his muse and helped him with his work.  As I was talking with Gracie two things popped into my thoughts…chiropractic care and organic unrefined coconut oil.  I am not a vet, but if I ‘hear’ something like this I will always share it.  Her Dad validated much of what she told me.  It was a lovely session.  The last thing she asked me to do was to wave my magic wand for her parents.  Cute, huh?  I hope Gracie knows how much she has helped me along my path.