He helps his Mom ‘weather’ through life


I recently met Storm at an event.  His mom brought in his photo.  Storm told me that he is helping his mother with the changes in her life.  He told me that he is a pussycat when it comes to being tough.  His mom is very strict about his food.  He mentioned something about bowling and his Mom said that she bowls.  He also has his own pillow.  (Meaning that when he sleeps in the bed he puts his head on the pillow!)

The most significant thing that Storm told me was that he helps his mother ‘weather” through her life.  It has not been easy.  At that point his mom told me that Storm protected her when a member of her family became very unstable and in the end took his own life.  I pointed out to her that he said ‘weather’ and his name is Storm.  Hmmm

There are no coincidences.  Even though Storm is a ‘pussycat’, he protected his mother.