How I Became an Animal Communicator

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People always ask me how I became an Animal Communicator.  My reply is always, “It found me.”  In 1988 I had what I call a spiritual awakening and everything in my life began to shift.  I started learning about me and what makes me tick.  Life became more interesting and I found parts of me that had been missing for several years.   Digging deep I realized that I needed a purpose.  I had two adorable children and I was single again.  Several of my spiritual mentors suggested that I go back and finish my degree.

After finishing my degree in 1991, I taught middle school science for several years.   In the summer of 1997 I realized that I was at another low point and I went to visit my soul sister in Texas.  When I’m with my friend life always seems to be clearer.  During our visit my friend kept saying that it wasn’t good ‘Feng Shui’ to do certain things within the home.  Just the word Feng Shui caught my attention and I have no idea why.  When I returned home I bought soul sister a book about Feng Shui that I read before I gave it to her.  I started implementing the suggested changes within my home and realized that my life got better.

At that point I had a true thirst to learn more.  I checked out every book I could find from our local library.  This was about 1997 and there was not much information out there.  It was also the time that the internet became a source of information.  I ‘met’ Feng Shui enthusiasts online.  I then decided that I wanted to take a course and flew to California to the American Feng Shui Institute.  That was all she wrote.  I was hooked.

This all happened while I was still a classroom teacher.  I began studying Chinese Astrology, Dowsing, and other metaphysical topics.  I had a ‘thirst’ that could not be quenched.  In learning how to dowse I realized that my intuition (which has always been pretty strong) began to sharpen.  I began to practice Feng Shui and Dowsing (which I called Space Clearing) professionally.   I left the classroom in 2003.

When I visited client’s homes to do Feng Shuiconsultations or Space Clearing their animals would greet me.  Having always been an animal lover I loved this part of my work.  For me, animals have always been a refuge.   It was during a Feng Shui consultation that my client asked me if I could tell what his animals were thinking.   I told him I didn’t know, but sat down close to his gorgeous dogs and tried to tune in.  The dog said to me, “It’s not fair that he treats my brother nicer than he treats me just because he has three legs!”  The brother spoke up and said, “And I don’t like it either.  He treats me like I am handicapped!”   Of course I doubted what I heard, but did repeat it to my client.  He burst out in tears and admitted that he was, in fact, doing exactly that.

After that day I started tuning in a little more seriously with pets and decided I would take an Animal Communication workshop to see if I could strengthen my skill.  That was all she wrote.  I realized in the workshop that the animals were talking to me loud and clear.  They would actually have a conversation with me.  Sometimes they send me an image.  Sometimes I can feel what they are feeling in my physical body.

I already had quite a few clients who received newsletters that I wrote and I sent out a newsletter saying that I thought I could hear animals but needed to practice.   The first 10 people who sent me a photo of their animal would receive a free reading from me.  All I wanted in return was some feedback to validate what I was receiving.  My inbox filled up immediately.  Since that time about four years ago I have not looked back.

This is the first time in my career journey that I have, for the most part, not had to work to get clientele.  Most all of the work I do flows to me.  Organizations contact me to participate in their events.  The message in all of this is that I have found my purpose.  This is the path that I am supposed to follow at this point in my life.  The animals fill my heart with so much joy and what I do helps the owner of the animal so much.   I communicate remotely and in person.  I communicate with pets in heaven and also help to find lost pets.

If I were to give advice to someone who was looking for what they are supposed to do with their life I would tell them to remain open.  Trust that God and the Universe will reveal it to you if you have the mindfulness to be present.  I will forever be grateful for this gift.