Is it the thought that counts?

One evening both my phones rang about 9:30 pm.  The thought that crossed my mind was that there is a lost pet.  After listening to the message I was correct.  His black Persian had been missing for 4 days.  The next thought that crossed my mind was that the cat was still alive, and another cat had it trapped.  Cats will do that.  It’s horrible losing a pet and I called him back within 10 minutes.  When he answered the phone he said, “Pam, is that you, Pam?!!  You won’t believe it, but guess who just showed up on the front porch.” 

Such great news!  I laughed and told him that I could do magic.  But here is the bigger thought.  He put out the energy to get his cat back by calling me.  I picked up through two way thought traffic that his cat was being held hostage by another cat.  Did the simple action of his calling and my tapping into the cat help release it?  It’s all about energy.  Everything is energy.  I love magic!

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