I’ve got a thing about bunnies!

Timmy - Freckles Westcott

I was contacted to talk to Timmy because he had something going on and his mother was worried.  When I asked him about his home he told me that his mother liked colored lighting and unusual decorations.  She also likes books.  His mom was shocked and said that she did ‘color therapy’ in the work that she does and uses colored lights.  When I asked Timmy why his mom was contacting me he told me that he needs a playmate.  I need a replacement!  He told me that his mom had been sad and he wishes he could fix that.  He told her that she would be better soon.  Please don’t worry.   He told me that he loves neck rubs.

His mom told me that Timmy was having challenges with his digestive system and that she had separated him from his mate.  He loves neck rubs right behind his ears.  She admitted that she was a worrier.  I told her that I would do some energy work on him after we got off the phone.  The next day I received this email.

Just a note to say I’m so grateful for your help yesterday and for the connection.

I put Timmy with his mate again yesterday in the hallway to play together and he was so happy.  He just lit up. He became himself really quickly too— I think your clearing and listening to him really helped.  He’s pooping great now and eating more hay.  Many thanks.

*Timmy is on the right.  I can understand why he was so upset to be separated from his mate…She is gorgeous.  Ok, Mom…no worrying.