Little Jerry


Little Jerry crossed the Rainbow Bridge in July.  The first thing I picked up was that his Mom’s grief was palatable.  I did some healing work for her before I communicated with Little Jerry.      Then I heard the song, “When the red, red robin comes bobbing along”.  Jerry’s mom said she has heard that song a few times since he passed. 

Here is my communication with Little Jerry.  My comments are in blue. 

2.    Would you like to talk to me?  I’m OK, I’m OK!!
3.    Describe your surroundings.  There is carpet that can’t be destroyed by pee pee.  There is grass that is fragrant like catnip for dogs.  It is easy here and calm.  I’m still very close to you.
4.    Did you have any trouble getting to where you are?  No.  It was sudden and a bit shocking for Mom.  It is how I had to go.  It is the best way to go for everyone.  (I learned that Little Jerry was attacked at his front door by another dog and he died very quickly.)
5.    Is there anything you want to tell your Mom and Dad?  I know how much you miss me.  Your soul will mend when you get another pet.  It can be a cat or dog.  Just get one!  I can’t be replaced but I’m always with you…even to the very last day of your life!!
6.    Did you go home to meet someone?  Josie or Josephine??  Pappy was there too.
      (Little Jerry’s mom had a son named Joseph who died before she got Little Jerry.  Jerry would always sit in Joseph’s chair.) 
7.    Is there a memory that I can tell your Mom that will help her?  You loved the way I danced for certain treats.  You would laugh.  We always had fun.  (This made his Momma laugh.  So happy for that!)
8.    Are you going to go back to your parents?  Yes, in a short time too.  I won’t be here long this time.  I could even walk back in within this month.  Not exactly sure on the timing yet.  (Hope she goes out really soon to find a new pet.  This always helps the healing process.)
9.    What can they look for?  White feet.  When Mom sees the feet she will know that they are mine.  I will come right up to her. 
10.  Is there anything you want to tell me?  Mom has needed this.  She has been really fragile since I left. 
Communications like this confirm for me that there really is a Heaven.  Thank you, Little Jerry!