Lost Pup Leaves an Important Message


A couple called me to help find their lost pet.  I could tell by their voices that they were heartbroken.  When I tuned in this sweet girl told me that ‘it’ got her fast.   I asked her some more questions to see if it helped her parents to believe it was her.  She told me she liked to play snuggle buns and that she was picked out special as a gift.  All of this was validated.  Then she said something that was quite profound.

“I got scared and ran and then I knew it was time for me to go.”  I asked her why?  “To help my mom and dad love each other more.  They were forgetting that.  Tell them that I love them and not to blame each other for my disappearing.”  When I asked her if she was coming back she said, “Yes, very soon!  I did this to open up my parent’s hearts.”  Her parents said they were going through a trying time in their marriage.

I have no idea if she is coming back in her original body or in a new body.  My greatest hope is that her parents listen to her message and just love each other.