Love me! Just love me!

Abbott Mitchell

I’m Abbott and I was rescued by a family who is quite affluent.  Lucky me.  See the rug I’m standing on?  I told Pam that I like to be the center of attention and I love hugs from my Mommy.  Riding in the car is great.  I would love to be a house dog, but I sleep with my pack in our very fancy garage and I am very grateful.  Maybe one day I can sleep in my parent’s bed!   I have the best of everything now.  Sometimes I’m so needy that people and my pack get a little short tempered with me, but hey, I still worm my way back into their heart.

Abbott’s new Mom sent me this email about him.

Abbot  is such an attention hound.  He is front and center, but not pushy.  He’s never too lazy to get up and come and see whoever.  We have to be careful when we open the car door, or he will climb right in.  He loves going for rides on the golf carts.  Also, quick to come in the house, when the door opens.  He would like to be a house dog.  He probably would be in our bed, sleeping and/or watching TV.  We do make sure he gets special attention from us, because he is low dog on the totem pole.  I started squatting down and hugging him under my arm.  At first, he wasn’t real comfortable with it, but now he snuggles in.  I will be sure to do it more often.  He is a very happy dog.  When he sees us, he not only wags his tail, he wags his whole body.  He’s so sweet.