More Testimonials

Pam is a gifted intuitive who uses her astrology and clearing skills with wonderful grace, honesty, integrity and sense of humor, to guide and empower in very real and practical ways. Her practice, infused with her delightful sense of fun and keen perception, gives me new energy and inspiration to move forward in times when I have felt bogged down by stress or limited points of view.

Karen N. Johnstone, Seattle

Pam Case is one delightful, magically intuitive,an highly skilled professional! For the past five years she has provided space and personal clearings, Chinese Astrology, and most recently medical intuitive readings for me and my family. I have found all of Pam’s work to embody pure integrity, keen knowledge, and absolute open heartedness!

Janet Flynn, Tulsa

Pam is an amazing woman and healer. She has helped to open my eyes, mind and heart which has allowed me to grow spiritually, personally and professionally.

Dr. Carolyn, Tulsa

Instinctively, I knew that Pam was the individual to help for me, when she drove up in a red Prius. The minute I met her, there was a connection and I felt safe and open having her in my home and working with me.  I am truly amazed at how the information provided is so right-on!

Cathi Kuykendall – Edisto Island, S.C. –

Just talking to you about my chart has helped me to understand more about myself. Thank you so much for helping me get back on track with who I am. I find myself loving my husband more than I have in a long time because I understand me more! I am so thankful you have come into my life.

Kristi Bromagem, Bartlesville