Others are invading his territory


Scoopy’s mom called me this week and I could tell she wanted to tell me what was going on in her life with her cat.  The first thing I said before we ever started the conversation was, please don’t tell me anything about your pet.  I like to go in with a blank page and then will answer your questions after I have communicated with your pet.  She emailed me his photo and this is some of what Scoopy told me.

1.  Will you talk to me?  Yes, I will.  I am a social guy.  (Mom says very social!)

2.  Tell me about your home.  Mom is moving things all around these days.  My house is medium size and it has some slick floors and some that have brown fuzz on them.  (They just moved and their home has hardwood floors with brown rugs on them.  They also have a brown furry couch.) 

3.  What is your favorite food.  The creamier food is my favorite…smashed meat or chicken.  (100% yes from mom)

4.  Is there anything you want to tell your person?  Thank you for being so patient with me.  (giggles)

5.  Why is your Mom calling meI have been agitated lately.  Others are invading my territory.  (Scoopy’s mom gasped at this.  She said that they had been broken into this week and Scoopy has been very agitated.)  I make assumptions sometimes when I talk to animals and my assumption this time was that there was a cat invading his property.  Never assume anything, Pam!

The session went on the validate more about Scoopy and towards the end of our conversation my client told me how spot on it was and amazing.  I thought about that for a bit.  I forget how amazing it is that I have this gift.  My reply to her was, “You know, it is amazing.  It helps so much.”  She also said that Scoopy was acting differently since I connected with him.  This often happens.  This sweet kitty’s mom was a newbie to all of this, but I think she’s a believer now.