Out of the Mouths of Babes


One of my granddaughters spent the night with me this past week.  We were laying in bed and we started talking about ‘favorites’.  She was telling me who she thought should be my favorite relative.  Her thought was that it should be my son and daughter.  I told her that it would probably be my grandchildren now over my children because my children were adults.  I said that children need lots of love and I thought that my grown children knew how much I loved them.  Then she said “Well, what about Holly, my daughter-in-law, and my ex-husband, her Paw Paw?”    I told her that I was not a blood relative to them and explained that my children and grandchildren shared the same blood as me.

She thought that was just ridiculous!  Then she started explaining to me that we all share the same blood.  The reason is because ‘we are family and we love each other’.  I then got curious and asked about my ex-husband’s wife.  She said, “Of course you share her blood!  You were married to my Paw Paw too!”  Then I asked her about our animals.  “Mimi!” she said exasperated….”Of course we share the same blood with our animals!!”  We love each other and we are all a family.  We all share the same blood!!”  She meant it with every fiber of her being.

This was probably one of the most profound conversations I’ve ever had and it was with an 8 year old.  I’m the one who is always saying that we are all connected.  My granddaughter gets it at a much deeper level than I do evidently.  What a beautiful lesson for me.