Peaches – A Love Connection

When I asked Peachy if he had any pain he told me that the top of my back nearer to my head is quite sensitive.  He says he freaks out when he gets his nails clipped because he has been hurt before having this done.  His mom wanted me to reassure him that she would not hurt him.  He shared with me that he is the smartest of his cat family.

When I asked Peaches if he had anything he wanted to tell his person he said, “You are extraordinary. You are different from so many other humans. You love me and I love you. We have a bond like no other”. 

Here is some of what his mom had to say… 
Any doubts I may have had about you are gone. Peaches and I have a bond that is like nothing I have ever had with another animal. (My love of cats started 40 years ago when I used to steal the neighbor’s cats and cart them home in my bicycle basket)

There is a place on his back that is sensitive.

Peaches is not smart at all but I always tell him him “you are such a smart boy” because I don’t want him to have an inferiority complex. He must believe what I tell him.

Most of your communications with him was very accurate but there were a couple that I think are off. They may be accurate from Peaches viewpoint, though.  Peaches is a neutered boy but I assume sex is not always clear for you. He is a “sissy” so maybe he was giving you girl vibes.  I thought I would let you know how accurate you were with him.

Thanks to both of you!