Personal Clearing

We all have energy fields. Sometimes we can sense the energy fields of others. Not knowing why, we might want to be around a person due to their high energetic vibration. We actually feel better in their presence. Jesus had such an energy field. His vibration was so high that often if a sick person touched Jesus their vibration was raised and healing followed.

Many of us can also sense when a person’s energy fields are in discord or have a low frequency. What usually happens is that we want to get away from this individual. Sometimes it seems like a person has a grey cloud around them. We all have disturbances in our energy fields and these are stored in our DNA. Ultimately physical manifestation of dis-ease, sickness, emotional or mental dis-harmony can manifest due to these disturbances.

The human body contains electromagnetic fields that vibrate at specific frequencies. Matter in general has a vibration frequency that can be determined by measurement. Clearing creates a resonance which allows disturbed energy to return to a state of balance. When I do a personal clearing I will go through the different energy fields: negative thought forms, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, karmic, past lives and others.

It’s always interesting what shows up during a personal clearing. At first I was worried that the person being cleared would think I was making up a story or maybe I’m a little bit crazy. However, after having done this for a few years I realize that what shows up can often be very relevant for whomever I’m doing the work.

Sometimes there are dramatic results like old issues falling away. Other times one may go through a healing crisis as this information comes to the surface of their awareness. This depends on how many layers of the ‘onion’ are ready to be cleared. I also use my dowsing ability to discover if there is a color that will help a client. Color is an excellent healing modality and will help bring us into balance.