Pet Communication

PLEASE NOTE…I no longer do LOST PETS or HOUSE CALLS.  If you want to meet with me in person it is best to come to a store or event where I am working.  Thank you so much for your understanding.

Remote Communication:

Send me a photograph of your animal including its name, age and if it is here or in Heaven.  I don’t want to know many details because I like to tap in without knowing about the pet.  Pet communication is very much like when you meet people for the first time. You introduce yourselves, make a little small talk, get to the heart of matters, and then you say goodbye. I will call you and send you a copy of what I receive in the communication.   If you pay with Paypal send an email with the photo of your pet, name and age to  I also take credit cards over the phone and follow the same protocol.  After I talk to your pet I will get back with you to see if you have specific questions or concerns.

Fee:  $81

Paypal Payment for Remote Pet Communication with Pam Case


Two Questions

If I have already communicated with your pet and you just want me to ask a couple of questions, this is your best option.  I need a current photo showing the eyes. I will call you and send the information received.


Paypal Travel Fee Payment for Home Visit Pet Communication with Pam Case

Read this link if you have a lost pet:

You can meet me in person at events.  I always donate to the organization that hosts the event.

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