Ponderings About Recent Pet Visits


People often become emotional when they have me talk to their pets. Our hearts are so attached to these babies. After visiting with many this last weekend I thought I should write a few of the amazing things they shared with me. I promise you, I am always surprised too.  Names have been changed to keep the clients anonymous.  I view this like therapy and it is confidential, however if this helps someone I’m shining my light. Everything below was validated.

Chase told me that his mom looked and looked online until she finally found him. He told his mom that she was silly because she liked white. He eats organic…chicken and turkey (and he was bragging!).

A sweet man who was broken-hearted after losing his dog came to see me. The dog told me he was going to come back to his dad. I asked him how his dad would know and he said he would whisper in his ear. At this point dad was overwhelmed because every morning they had a ritual where he would get on the floor, rub his dog’s ears and then his dog would whisper in his ear. The dog also shared that his dad was a serious neat nick.

A gorgeous puppy told me that his mom had to think twice about getting him. Mom shared that the woman from where she got him was seriously rude to her. She wanted to back out but is so grateful she did not. This puppy was a mature soul and said it was important for him to compete.  He’s got the ‘IT’ factor.

A little dachshund mix showed me his mom doing an exercise that looked like Tai Chi. She shared that she had rotator cuff surgery and was always doing her physical therapy. This pup also said that since she got rescued she pretty much gets whatever she wants.

Sally, a beautiful lab, told me her mom had been overwrought and that she needed to lay down with her. Sally’s mom shared that her mother was on the brink of death and asked me if I could see angels around her. Getting really quiet and going inside what I saw was the image of a woman about the same age as her mother. I asked her if her mother had a sister or a very close friend who had passed? Yes, her best friend died about 4 years ago. I told her that she was waiting for her mother. Her mother died that evening.   Sally brought us back to the present moment and told me that she was still a champion!

An energetic golden colored dog said that the most important thing he needed to tell me was that he climbed a mountain. Mom shared that this was his favorite thing to do in agility.  He has three places of his own at home and loves to be groomed. His mom said she wanted to ask me a question and at the very same moment I heard that someone died from her dog. I asked and golden dog’s mom told me emotionally that this was true.

Our dogs will surrogate for us. They will take our illness. I got to witness this twice this weekend. One surrogated thyroid cancer and another alopecia.

A sweet cocker spaniel in heaven told me that she was still wearing her crown. Her mom shared that she always wore a crown charm on her collar.  Another sweet baby in heaven showed me the image of a heart and then a door slamming. I, of course, assumed she died of a heart attack but her mom shared that she died on Valentine’s Day. Don’t assume, Pam!

A big beautiful brown baby told me her mom searched and searched for her and that she wasn’t a puppy when she got her. She loves going to their special place…a walk where there is water and trees. Then she told me that she turned a dark place into bright place for her mom. It was like a light switch flipped. She’s very grateful that her new home is peaceful now. Evidently she didn’t come from a peaceful place before.  And I loved this…AGE is a 3 letter word! Don’t even think about it.

It’s with gratitude and still a sense of awe that I share these stories. Our pets are just as conscious as we are…probably more. We can’t trick them or keep a secret. Try putting a treat in your pocket. 😉