Radar- Channel 6 Weather Dog

This weekend I did animal communication and the Oklahoma Alliance for Animal’s Rock and Rescue event.  This precious guy and his mom came to see me but his mom did not give me his stage name.  I didn’t know I was communicating with a celebrity.
He told me that his Mom thinks about him all the time.  He loves it when she gives him raw chicken.  He also said that he has one window in his house that is his.  It’s his watch spot

He has a few cat siblings and one is very important to him.  She’s black.  Radar’s mom told me that this cat is elderly and doesn’t do much anymore.  Radar told me that they do much silent communication. 

When I asked this guy what his job was he said, “It’s amazing and I help others.”  It was then that his Mom told me that he was Radar, the Channel 6 Weather Dog.  She worries that she pushes him to hard.  I suggested that she trust her instincts on this.  Radar said he loves his job and raw chicken helps get rid of fatigue. 

The last thing Radar said was, “Curiosity killed the cat.”  Radar’s mom said that they say this to him all the time.  Radar, thanks for sitting on my foot for most of our chat.  I’m honored to meet you.