Remy wants his own chair!

Remy Slavin

The first thing Remy, a Coton de Tulear breed, told me was that he was a lover.  He described his home as very modern with slippery floors, lots of black and white and very tidy.  He confessed that he wasn’t much help in keeping it tidy.  He loves beef the most and sent me a picture of a rare steak on a plate.  He loves it when his Mom buys him new toys.   He is a serious watch dog and means business!  All of this was confirmed in my follow up phone conversation.  Remy’s mom told me that he had even had her leftover rare filet last night.

Remy wants his own chair or bench in front of his favorite window.  He also loves to sleep really close and told me he was very cuddly.  When I spoke to his Mom she told me that there had been changes in their home recently.  Remy was being distant and not cuddling with her.  She said that he used to have a favorite chair, but with the recent changes that chair was no longer there.  She lives in a condo with three floors and this chair was positioned in the front of a window on the third floor.  Remy loved looking out and being the watchdog.  I suggested that she get a chair or bench back there soon.

Remy’s mom was worried that perhaps all the changes had upset him.  She told me that he had felt distant to her.  I shared that often when an animal knows that he has been ‘heard’ behavior will change.  It has certainly been my experience with my own animals.

A few weeks later I received this email from Remy’s mom.  Thanks again for your help with Remy. After our discussion, he became the cuddliest dog ever!  I was shocked. I was reading a book in bed. He crawled onto my stomach in a little ball and fell asleep. When I’m on the couch now, he cuddles next to me with his head on my leg. On the weekends he’s been searching me out so he can jump in my lap and sleep. It has made me so happy. I also moved a bench under Remy’s favorite window as requested and he loves it!  I have referred several people to you.  (and she has!)   I’m always happy to refer when I know I’m sending people to a good resource.


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  1. Pam, I love this story! Sounds like your communications are getting more and more detailed. I wanted to say that I found this to be true – that when my pet feels like she’s been “heard”, her behaviour changes! After you communicated with my Rosey, she stopped isolating so much. It’s been wonderful to have her gradually integrate herself into her new adopted family. I appreciate everything you do, my gifted friend!

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