Sissy and Richie (rags to Richie)

Sissy Mitchell

This is Sissy on the right with her brother, Richie, peeking out on the left.  I communicated with both of these pups and I shall write about Sissy first since she was last the day I did the communication.  She knew she was last and told me so.  The communications were given as a gift.

“My home is beautiful.  My mommy loves color.  She hasn’t always loved color, but she does now.  I’m totally comfortable here.  I love to hunt and chase things.  Animals and people.  I just love to play.  I didn’t get to play until I was adopted.  I know how much my mommy loves me.  She radiates how much all the time.  Please tell her that I know.  I am the family watchdog.  I’m very protective and I can be quite noisy if needed.  I’m here for my Momma.  Her heart needed my special love and attention.  I love it when Momma sings to me.  I like to sleep most in laps.  Recently I also like to sleep in a certain chair if I am allowed.  I teach Richie things.  I’m a little like his mother.  I am unique!”

This is what was shared with me about Sissy.

Sissy is the watchdog and can, I’m told, get quite noisy.   I think she is a hunter and I know she chases squirrels in the yard.  Her Momma needed something to take care of and love.  She said she didn’t think she could ever find a dog as sweet as Richie, but now thinks Sissy is even sweeter.  We were told Sissy had been in an abusive situation, so she need some TLC.  She is much closer to women, due to her past, but is starting to warm up to her new dad.  She is protective.  Recently my mother in law fell and broke her wrist and she said Sissy would stay between her and Richie and make him stay back.  She told us at Christmas, she has surrendered the love seat (covered with a blanket) to the dogs.  I will have to ask about the singing.  Sissy’s momma has always gone to the doctor a lot, but after getting the dogs, she doesn’t feel the need to go as often.  These two sweeties have softened their hearts and changed their lives.  I’m not sure who rescued who (or is that whom).

Richie Mitchell

This little guy has a sweet story.  I didn’t know it before the communication.

“My home is a soft nest for me.  I feel like a bird and birds love their nest.  I love beef because it is so tasty.  My favorite thing to do is to bury things.  For one, burying is  entertaining, but I also bury things for a purpose.  I don’t have any pain, but I’m extremely sensitive.  My family and I have a new life and a fresh start since I arrived.  My job is an actor and I have a wonderful ability to make my parents joyful.   I am good for their soul.  I love my fur fluffed with fingers.  I also love to go in the car.   I feel safe in my crate.  I love my Sissy (his adopted sister).”

And here is the feedback…

Now I will give you a little background on Richie.  He showed up here, in Aug 2011.  You wouldn’t believe how bad he looked.  His coat was soooo matted and had grown down over his eyes to the point, that it must have been hard for him to see.  It took about a month before anyone could get close enough to catch him.  After a trip to the vet for shots, I took him to the groomer, who literally had to shave him.  They both said, they thought he must have been out on his own for a long time.  He didn’t know what dog food was.  He had apparently learned to eat twigs and various plants.  My mother-in-law had been wanting a dog, but his dad has never really liked dogs.   After adopting him, she said he would go out in the back yard and eat twigs and he would eat certain plants down to the ground.  He wasn’t very interested in regular food and when they would give him something, he would go outside and bury it!  Saving it for later(?).  He still buries things in the couch cushions or his blankets.  “Go” is one of his favorite words.  Cecil brings him here, once or twice a week for play dates with Cocoa, his first contact here.  We all pet/massage him and fluff his fur.  It’s so soft and inviting.  A far cry from what it was.  He rarely barks, but squeals with excitement upon seeing his people.  He has been great entertainment for my husband’s .  They are both crazy about him.  He and Sissy are so close, one would think they’ve always been together.