Special Bella

Last Saturday, A1 Pet Emporium asked me to participate in their Wag-o-Ween event in Oklahoma City.  Bella came to see me and I was moved and honored to communicate with her.  As usual I didn’t know anything about her but the first thing she told me was that she gets disoriented easily.  Bella was ok with this but she knows her mom worries.  Bella told me that her brain wiring was different.  She likes soft food best and she likes to go on outings with her mom. 

When I asked her if she had a job she told me that she wasn’t given a lot of responsibility but she did bring her family a lot of joy. 

Her owner then told me that I was ‘right on’.  And then I watched as this precious dog danced around the room we were in.  Bella’s mom told me that she suspected that Bella was a puppy mill dog and when she was born she evidently didn’t get enough oxygen or had some type of brain injury.  This was not realized until she was a little older.  Bella also has to take seizure medicine.  She’s 9 year old.

The most amazing thing to be is that even though she is a ‘special needs’ animal she still knows who she is.  One thing for sure…I will never forget her either.  

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