Clear your Clutter

Ask yourself, ‘Is the clutter that is around me raising or lowering my vibration?”  Then remember, that anything that lowers your vibration can make you sick!

You might think you own all that stuff you neither need nor use. But, in reality, it owns you. Every possession carries two price tags, the original purchase price and the continuing toll. That second amount is paid in upkeep, attention, time, safekeeping, maintenance and storage. Such clutter not only fills up our available space, but also negatively impacts our lives. The cost is levied in anxiety, depression, relationship conflict and financial distress.

How to determine what is clutter for you:

  • Anything that you don’t use or need
  • Anything that we have yet to fix, finish, maintain or fit into
  • Anything that does not have a ‘home’
  • The piles, the mountains, the stacks, the towers, the boxes (if you can’t see it, you are not using it), the papers

Tune in to your Belief Patterns – Below is a list of some of the top reasons we ‘hold on’ to clutter.  Notice if any of these resonate for you or press your buttons.

~Abandonment Issues – “This won’t leave me” – Being abandoned for any reason can leave us with a feeling that this can happen again.  Our ‘stuff’ won’t leave us.  Then there is the fear that if you do get rid of the stuff that you are abandoned again.  One has to be courageous to feel the feelings of this.  We might feel that if we get clear then there is nothing left of us.

~Scarcity Thinking – “Just in case” – This comes from a belief that there is not enough to go around and that the future is not to be trusted.

~Scarcity Thinking – “I told you so” – This is fear that if you do get rid of the clutter then you will have to beat yourself up because you shouldn’t have gotten rid of something.  This, unfortunately, is ‘victim’ consciousness.

~Shelf Life – “It’s not used up yet” – This is a holding pattern that comes from a belief that it needs to stay until it is all used up.

~Sentimental Attachments – “This reminds me of…” – This is a tough one for those who hang on to sweet reminders of the past.  These drain the ‘life force’ right out of your home and your life.  Choose a few based on love and honest usefulness and let the rest go.

A note on letting go… When you clear your clutter honor and acknowledge the objects that you are releasing.  Thank them and acknowledge what it has meant to you.  Reward each clearing effort by doing something that makes your heart sing.

The stronger the ‘charge’ about letting something go is often the biggest reason to let it go.  Clearing clutter slowly allows you to remove the protective filters in a way that your nervous system can handle.  You will grow exponentially every time you clear your clutter.

Everything in our lives has energy.  Everything has our thoughts and emotions embedded into it.  Old furniture is no exception.  Clear your clutter and change your life.  If you let one piece of clutter go, something new can come in.  Trust me on this.
What are you holding onto? What thoughts and beliefs are you putting out into the Universe by clinging to it? Are you telling yourself you don’t believe in the inevitability of your own success and prosperity? Or that you don’t believe you can expand and create better things in your life?
Pick one thing – just one small thing – and let it go. Today!