Pet Communication Testimonials

Pam in the News!

“Special Insight Helps a Dog Return Home”

JakeKaren Johnstone, Seattle, WA

Pam is a very gifted animal communicator.  She has not met in person my pets or others I have requested pet-talks for (pets of family and friends).   Her readings are spot on, in picking up their personalities, relationship details and information that is so helpful for the pet and the pet’s human companion.


JakeKaren Sue Beda and Jake, Tulsa, OK

“Hey Pam, Thank you very much. You answered a few questions I had – just what I was looking for. And I have to tell you – I believe the “Juan” that met Jake when he arrived is my friend John Gunn who everyone called “Juan Pistolas”.

He was a friend of mine when I lived in Guadalajara, Mexico from 1984-1987. He died in a plane crash in 1989 in Mexico while flying up in the Sierra Madres as a medical doctor to indigenous people.

Nice to know they’ve met. “Juan” loved animals. Thank you again!”

Sandy Thompson and Molly, Tulsa, OK

Molly Thompson, Animal Communication with Pam CaseMolly went missing during the storm on April 14, 2011. I continued through this time to encourage her mom. I received this email today, April 24, 2011. The best Easter gift ever. -Pam

“I found her yesterday late. I was driving to mother’s and before I got out of a subdivision I looked up at a stop sign and there was a sign “Found dog ” with her picture and a number.

Friday night she went up to a lady back patio door and barked to get in. I don’t know if she was some where else and escaped or just lost in the woods for a week, but they said she ate really good Friday night. She is being a little nervous and staying really close. I tied the gold string a thousand times. Thanks for your help! LOVE & Happy Easter”

Darla Veirs and T.C., Edmond, OKT.C. Cat photo

Oh my God. He came home. You are wonderful. We both sat down after I sent the email to you and did our visualization. Then we checked the garage again as it has many high free standing shelves in it. Then we went out in our back yard. It is heavily wooded and so we shined our flashlights up in the trees and all around any place high around our house. I called and called him and kept seeing my golden silk ribbon attached from my heart to his and asking him to come home. It would be okay and safe. Then just now George just came in with our big wonderful T.C. in his arms. Glory glory glory.

Well of course we are still crying and hugging him. He is just purring so loudly and I believe saying “Whew, I’m glad to be home”. I totally believe your information saved him and brought him back to us. I was amazed that he had been gone for two days and his fur isn’t dirty, he doesn’t smell. I think he was hiding like you said but very close to home. It has been so cold the last two nights I really worried about him. Oh my God. We are sooooo happy. Thank you Thank you Thank you so very very much. I can’t tell you how happy we are.”

Roxy photoAmanda Woodard-Adams and Roxy, Tulsa, OK

“When you rescue an animal you simply never know what issues you’re bringing home with you. Roxy’s an older dog, our guess is 12 or 13 years. When she started losing weight I was afraid something was really medically wrong with her. Come to find out, she was worrying herself sick! Her last owner had abandoned her in the house they lived in when the woman moved. Roxy had been alone in that house for several days when we were told about her, and I crawled through a window to carry her weak little frame out of that house. Recently to us, but 5 years after we rescued Roxy, we started renovating our home and packing to move, and Roxy who usually weighs 12 pounds, wasted away to only 7. When Pam talked to her she was simply afraid she would be abandoned again. She said the changes made her “worried her food didn’t work right.” For days after they spoke Roxy pranced around our house obviously happy. She cuddled and snuggled like never before, and our skinny little Roxy is now a robust 11 pounds again!

Pam, thank you. You made her heart happy… ours too.”

Sheila Haughn and Peaches, Ponca City, OK

Peaches the Cat photo“Any doubts I may have had about you are gone. Peaches and I have a bond that is like nothing I have ever had with another animal. (My love of cats started 40 years ago when I used to steal the neighbor’s cats and cart them home in my bicycle basket.)

There is a place on his back that is sensitive.

Peaches is not smart at all but I always tell him him “you are such a smart boy” because I don’t want him to have an inferiority complex. He must believe what I tell him.

Most of your communications with him was very accurate but there were a couple that I think are off. They may be accurate from Peaches viewpoint, though. Peaches is a neutered boy but I assume sex is not always clear for you. He is a “sissy” so maybe he was giving you girl vibes. I thought I would let you know how accurate you were with him.

Thanks to both of you!”

Chee the Cat photoMitsuko Akagi and Chee, Japan

“Thank you so much, I have received your email and the result.
Yes, Chee likes any roasted fish, and hates any trip in the car.
She is a well-mannered cat, but I mess a room…LOL.I think she has some allergy. But I felt Chee became good condition in this moning , few tears after your healing ? I was very interesting to your communication in English. I’ll share it with my friends.

Thank you so much!”

Milhouse the Dog photoAndrea Reed and Milhouse, Kiefer, OK

“Thanks for talking to Milhouse. I think I worry too much about him and it was really nice to know that he is happy. I love the image he gave you about those dogs in motorcycle side-cars with the goggles on! I open the window for him more when we go for car rides and he holds his head out with pride!

I knew he was a sensitive boy, and to find out the only time he gets hurt is when it’s his feelings made me a little more sensitive to him and what he needs.

Thanks again!”

Izzy the Dog photoAlisa Jeffrey and Izzy, Jenks, OK

“Thank you so much for the complimentary reading! I LOVED what Izzy had to say….some of it made me cry (in a good way)! And some of it made me laugh…like her liking pink!!! I’ve prided myself for years on NOT being a pink girl, so it just stands to reason that my baby girl would be! She DOES have a pink fleece nightgown that she wears some in the winter, so it’s good to know she likes it. She also absolutely cannot take the heat, so that wasn’t surprising to me. Nor was it surprising that that loud music bothers her…I can actually see it on her face, now that I know she told you that. Like I told, you I’m so glad that you’re using this gift now, in addition to what you already do! You’re amazing.”

Pam Curtis and Toby, Tulsa, OKTobie photo

“ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE!!! Thank you so much. I am beyond touched by his wisdom and insightfulness. And again we heard about the vegetable soup. It brings me such joy to feed him this soup and his response to having eaten it is just precious. He licks at the bowl until you think that there will be no more bowl, sometimes chasing it across the room if it’s not butted up against the wall. This whole communication was just so FULL for me and I can just hear him saying these things. Since you have had communication with my dogs they have all become very attentive and loving towards me. Toby, at least once a night, has to jump up on the couch to sit beside me and get some lovin’. This is new behavior and I’m enjoying it.”

Phineas photoSandy Vetter and Phineas, Kansas City, MO

“I am overwhelmed with relief that there is not a “deeper” issue with the early morning waking behavior. But in my mind, several things were confirmed by the clearing & healing that you did – and now I can tell you! He has a few survival issues that I am aware of – as a matter of fact a friend of mine said we needed to take him to buy a lottery ticket, because he is “thrice saved” and therefore very, very lucky. His mom was caught as part of a TNR (trap, neuter, release) program, and went into labor while waiting at the vet’s to be spayed! I believe she had 5 kittens – Phineas has a twin, “Ferb”…a Polydactyl, too! Then almost a year ago, he was in a house fire while being fostered with about 60 other cats/kittens. Obviously, the 3rd time he was saved was when we found him! So it all makes perfect sense that there would be some not so great vibes hanging around his root chakra! I am very hopeful that the Triple Heater Meridian work helps him be more comfortable with being held.”

Toby photoCynthia Mitchell and Toby, Leonard, OK

“Thanks for your recent communication. I got a kick out of Toby’s. He is treated like royalty. He has a full-time staff of four, and three more part-time who cater to his every need and then some! ‘My cat food and a few bugs as his favorite food’ – We have an automatic feeder for the cats. But he prefers his own bowl in the utility room. We do see him eating bugs and spiders. He is hot on the trail of any bug or spider he finds in the house.” Pam’s note: Toby told me he was ‘heaven sent’ – His parents say, “We, in fact, think he was heaven sent. We got him a few days after Christmas. We decided he was our best Christmas gift ever.”

Baby photoLee Anne Zeigler and Baby, Tulsa, OK

“I am so grateful to Pam for her communication with Baby, my precious teacup poodle. Pam told me that Baby said her throat hurt and I immediately thought of her straining at the leash attached to her collar! On occasion, she would “cough” as if she were choking, but didn’t know how serious this could have been. After Pam’s communication, I decided to purchase a harness for her leash – and found out that a dog weighing less than ten pounds can easily suffer (and actually die) from a collapsed esophagus! I am so thankful to know this and want to pass this information along. If I hadn’t received Pam’s message via her communication with Baby, I might not have acted as quickly to change from collar to harness – potentially with dire consequences. Thank you, Pam – keep up the excellent work!”

Whitney Wooten and Oliver, Tulsa, OK

Hi Pam!    Oliver (my basset hound) and I came to see you at Woofstock.  I wanted to report to you that he didn’t make a peep on the way home!  (I told you about how nervous he gets in the car and won’t quit crying).  He sat up tall in the front seat and looked straight ahead almost the whole time.  He seemed so confident.  I couldn’t believe it!  That whole day he was really cuddly and didn’t hardly leave my side (he’s usually not a cuddler).  What a great day!  It felt like he was appreciative of me bringing him to you.  It seems like we just understand each other now. Thank you for helping calm his nerves and helping me understand some of his quirks!