Trust your Intuition!

Jingles Bennet

Jingle was not feeling well when his mother contacted me.  She wanted me to ask Jingles what she could do for him.  The first thing Jingles told me was that his mom had been rearranging things.  (She confirmed this.)  He told me he was lucky to live here.

When I asked Jingles what was wrong he told me that his systems weren’t working right.  I asked him what he wanted his Mom to do.  Jingles told me that she has done everything she can do.  It is not something that can be fixed.  Then I asked Jingles if he was ready to cross the Rainbow Bridge.  He said he was ready and that his Mommy had done enough for him.  He also told me he was here to bring balance to the whole family but he wasn’t able to do this recently.

He told me to tell his Mommy that he is peaceful with whatever she decides.  Then said, “She knows what to do already!”  So, when I made the phone call to Jingle’s mom I asked her what her intuition was telling her before I told her what Jingles said.  She said, “I think he’s ready to go.”  I confirmed this for her.

The following day I received this email from Jingle’s mom.

Jingles went to Doggie Heaven last night.  Before we took him he started acting like a healthy young dog, playing with his brother, running around. I believe he knew that he was going to make his transition.  He always shook like he was afraid when he went for a ride in the car but last night he barely shook until we told him it was going to be ok and he’d seen his brothers soon, no more shaking after that.  Then as I was finally drifting off the sleep I had that “dream” of him with his brothers running around in what I think Doggie Heaven would be like for them. He was telling me he was happy and that he was ok.

Having you communicate with Jingles yesterday and him confirming what I had been thinking and feeling for a week really helped me to let him go. I was going to try to wait until Monday but I kept hearing, “don’t wait” and I believe that was Jingles telling me not to wait. 

Wanted to let you know that your communication with animals really does make a difference for us humans.

RIP, or should I say, Play in Peace, Jingles!