Wear Life like a loose garment!

Meet Gracie. Her main purpose is to make her family happy. She told me that her mom puts some kind of oil on her food. (Mom confirmed that it was flaxseed oil.) Gracie thinks that being brushed is a bother.
I spoke to Gracie last March and recently her mom contacted me because she wasn’t sure if Gracie was going potty on rugs.  This was an ongoing problem when Gracie was younger, but not lately.  I had a communication and asked her if anything was going on.  She told me that if her mom was feeling stressed it made her have accidents.  However, she had not peed on the rug that her mom was wondering about.  I stressed how important it was that she use her pads and never the rugs!   I received this email from Gracie’s mother today. 
I knew you’d be interested in knowing that Gracie got out of (our) bed last night at least 2x to pee on the potty pads (including #2, which she usually waits for outside trip). This was a very good sign.

Also, before I left the house this morning she kicked up her leg in similar fashion as she’d done on the red rug – and all she was doing was scratching herself. I felt that she wanted me to know that that was what she had been doing. This time she was on the tile floor so I wasn’t so suspicious.

She’s really such a sweet baby and I am glad we are now are good terms and understand each other better. And I am much more conscious of how important it is for me to stay calm and centered.  Thanks again for your help!

Our animals are a gentle reminder to try to stay in the moment and wear life like a loose garment.