Why I Love Astrology

In this busy and stressful world, Astrology gives us an excuse to sit down and think about our lives. It helps us to awaken to our own spiritual power.

The time I spend with a client, whether on the phone, or in person is sacred space of understanding. This is a time of processing and gaining acceptance to the new insights into their lives. Looking to the future, I help clients to know if the road will be smooth or if challenges lie ahead.

Over the years I have become more comfortable with my inner voice during a consultation. I realize that when I’m interpreting a chart my inner knowing, or sixth sense, becomes more powerful. I can help people to see beyond their immediate pain or confusion to the success and happiness that await them.

Astrology gives my life deep meaning that does not run out. It is something that I remain on fire about and rewards me greatly. It is my hope that astrology can give others a sense of control over their destiny. We all face periods of disappointment and even disasters in our lives. This period of pain is often a touchstone for spiritual growth. Astrology is a vehicle that helps us navigate the wonderful journey of our life.