When I do animal communication I always ask for the pet to tell me about their home.  Wiggles said, “We have a lovely home.  There are pretty trees around us. Inside smells like cinnamon and sometimes like soup cooking.  I love that!  Momma makes everything so wonderful.  You would like my home.” 

After I communicated with Wiggles his Mom asked some questions.  She told me that someone had died and wondered if Wiggles missed her.  Wiggles told me that he visited with her spirit all the time and that he didn’t miss her.  He also told me that this person left signs that his mom should notice.   Come to find out this person who died was Wiggles’ human grandmother.  Below is the last email I received from Wiggles’ mom. 

Thank you for the insightful readings.  You have helped me understand this nice little dog.  My mom died in June and I often wonder if Wiggles noticed because he stayed right by her side whenever I left the house.   By the way, my mom kept cinnamon sticks and would chew on them to help her not smoke.  She was nicknamed the Soup Lady because she cooked soups for everyone.

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